Community Crossings Grant Accelerates Knox Street Repairs, Projects

 Paving work is underway on several downtown Knox streets thanks to a matching grant the city received from the Indiana Department of Transportation. Mayor Dennis Estok told the city council Tuesday night several streets have already been paved with Community Crossings money.

He adds INDOT also funded a couple of larger projects for the city, including the extension of 150 South from Main Street to Roosevelt Road and of Henry Drive to Virginia Lane from Edgewood. The curb cut for the apartment complex on South Heaton Street next to the VFW will also be done this year thanks to the infusion of funds.

Estok notes the extension of 150 East will require a little bit of an adjustment by the Knox Community School Corporation due to the placement of their bus barn if they choose to fence it in. He says the city has had an easement through their property to accommodate the eventual extension of the road for several years and notes the school corporation is in favor of the project. So are the police and fire departments, according to the mayor, because of improved emergency access.

Estok says Culver Road will also be repaved from South Heaton Street to 300 East this year. Those projects are all due to start Oct. 1st.