Culver Online Permits Processing Applications

culver town hall

The Town of Culver’s online permitting system began operating on September 1st, and it’s already processing applications.

Culver was lagging behind the rest of Marshall County communities earlier this year in using an existing online application system. Compared with neighboring communities who simply use the county’s building inspectors and zoning experts for assistance, Culver employs its own zoning specialist and charges separate fees for the service.

Once that process was ironed out, Culver joined the online permitting process which started earlier this year. So far in September, Culver has received four applications for building permits.

The county processes payments with the final say on the zoning being left to the Town of Culver’s building commissioner.

Culver charges fees in addition to the county’s charges due to the rate at which homes are constructed, but also to combat legal fees often associated with planning and zoning decisions.