Culver School Board Seeks Options for Superintendent Search

CulverHSThe Culver Community Schools Corporation is getting ready to search for its next superintendent. The school board last week requested some information about how much it would cost to get some outside help with the search.

Interim Superintendent Chuck Kitchell says the Indiana School Boards Association offers a few options for superintendent search services. “Their pricing is basically by whatever you ask them to do,” he says. “If you want them to help you with putting out a pamphlet or reviewing the applications, each one of those costs a certain amount of dollars. So the board would certainly have to make some decisions about how much do they want this organization to help or how much do they need the organization to help them.”

Kitchell has been serving as interim superintendent since Vicki McGuire left the corporation last December. He says a tentative timeline for the replacement process was discussed at that time. “The discussion was that late this winter, early this spring is when they wanted to do their search, so that certainly by May, end of May, at the latest early June, they could have their decision made and somebody on board to step into this position,” Kitchell says. “So I think that’s probably still about what they’re thinking. I’m not sure when they’re actually going to start in earnest with the search process, but I do believe the end date is going to be sometime in May.” Meanwhile, Kitchell will continue as interim superintendent until the end of this school year, at which point he plans to retire.

Kitchell expects the school board members to discuss how they want to proceed with the superintendent search when they meet on Monday. The meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. EDT Monday at the Culver School Administration Building.