Culver Town Council Plans Rental Rates for Park Facilities

culver town hall

The Culver Town Council has taken steps to adopt an ordinance to establish park facility rental rates.

According to the ordinance language, the fees are designed to allow the public to reserve the Town Park’s facilities for use. Locations include the West Pavilion, the East Pavilion, the Gazebo and the second floor of the park Lodge.

Reading from the ordinance language, Town Council President Ginny Bess Munroe says the renters will have responsibilities while using the facilities.

“The person responsible for facility rentals prior to it’s use must sign an agreement acknowledging any and all damages which the shelter house suffers as a result of his or her rental of same and agree to return the shelter house to the town after its use in a clean and orderly condition having picked up loose trash and removing all debris from the site,” says Munroe.

Culver has separated the use fees into two categories: peak season and non-peak season. It’s designed to maximize revenue when the outdoor spaces are most in-demand.

Revenue from the fees is expected to help fund the operation of the Culver Park’s Department, but also assist with maintenance of the facilities. Renting a facility gives residents and visitors more than just use of a space, but also provide the users with a bit of service such as helping those using the rental to their site. Swim passes are also provided to summer users.

The Town Council debated whether to charge per visitor fees or even parking fees to satisfy demand for the facilities. Munroe says the variability in town parking habits may be difficult to gauge.

“Sometimes the overflow goes into that parking lot, so do you want that lever up from 7:00 p.m. on?” says Munroe. “Or whatever the case is. We might need to just study that one for a bit.”

Reservations can’t be booked more than one year in advance.

Members voted to approve the flat fee on first reading, Tuesday night.