Elevator Improvement Discussions Extended in Pulaski County

Pulaski County CourthouseThe Pulaski County Council wants to think about replacing the elevator at the courthouse a little longer.

Board members were approached by County Maintenance Supervisor Jeff Johnston on Monday with a request to hire an engineer to design a replacement. Due to ADA compliance issues, the county has been heavily researching updating its elevators.

Johnston says he has contacted seven elevator companies about the project.

“In order to get an estimate on what it would cost to replace and update it, a new elevator shaft has to be installed to fit the new size of elevator, a fully functional elevator,” says Johnston.

The current elevators are considered too small to properly transport residents in wheel chairs or who may require special assistance. To remedy this, Pulaski County has been considering courthouse renovations for some time.

Following discussions earlier this year, the Pulaski County Council opted to cease construction talks until additional funding and design decisions could be considered. That doesn’t, however, alter the need to bring themselves into compliance with federal ADA requirements.

Johnston says the cost depends on the options being considered.

“When we looked at this before, they had designed it in the building addition to move the entire elevator,” says Johnston. “It would be more expensive because you’re building an addition, but it’s cheaper to build it in the new addition than where it’s at. Unless you don’t build an addition, then it’s cheaper to build it inside.”

Cost estimates for rebuilding the current elevators are thought to fall around $200-thousand.

The council said additional time was required for them to budget for the construction. The matter will likely be discussed at some point in the future.