Grant-funded Project Connects Starke, Pulaski County Bicycle Trails

hometown-collaboration-initiativePulaski County’s Hometown Collaboration Initiative capstone project will incorporate part of Starke County as well. Economic Development Director Nathan P. Origer says the county-wide quality of place initiative’s goal is to create a network of bicycle trails. Last week he approached the Starke County Commissioners about using a portion of Pulaski County 300 West, which becomes Starke County 200 East to connect to the North Judson Erie Trail and make a loop on the other side of U.S. 35.

The commissioners approved his request to place a couple of signs in the county right-of-way and put the Starke County portion of the route on their trail maps.

East of 35, the route will run from the North Judson Erie Trail to Starke County 700 East/Pulaski County 200 East.

The North Judson Erie Trail currently ends at U.S. 35 south of Bass Lake. Long-term plans call for an extension from U.S. 35 across the Tippecanoe River to Monterey, where a shorter paved section exists in northeastern Pulaski County.