Kewanna Fall Festival Returns for 13th Year


The Kewanna Fall Festival gets underway this afternoon. Festival committee chair Tom Mate says this is the 13th year for the festival, which started out as a way to bring fun activities to the young people of the community. “We wanted to do it so that kids without money could enjoy it as much as kids with money,” he explains. “So we said we were going to have everything free, which presented quite a challenge, but has really developed into quite a festival because I think this year, there was 102 sponsors, and we have five world-class acts here this year that are all free.”

That will include six performances from the Great American Family Circus, as well as from 80-year-old aerialist Carla Wallenda. “She goes up a sway pole that’s 11 stories high and dances and stands on her head with no lifeline, no safety net, no nothing,” Mate says. “It’s an amazing feat, and she’ll be doing that six times.” Throughout the festival, there will also be performances from “extricationist” The Great Kalita, as well as various musical acts.

Carnival rides, contests, food vendors and craft vendors will also be featured throughout the event. Mate adds that during specific times, selected carnival rides and food items will be free of charge to kids. He says it’s part of the goal of making the festival enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

The Kewanna Fall Festival starts this afternoon at 4:00 and runs through Sunday afternoon.