Knox School Board Completes Final Claim on Elementary Cafeteria Project

Knox Community School Corporation logoThe Knox Community School Corporation has completed their final claim for upgrades at the elementary school cafeteria.

School Board members considered payment of the final claim on Monday following a thorough review of the items still needing completion. The cafeteria project was started last year and was not quite finished when the school year started.

Knox Schools Superintendent A.J. Gappa says the board wanted to ensure everything was finished.

“Like anything else, you don’t want to make that final payment until everything is done, and you have that checklist and the punch list had been gone over,” says Gappa.

The number of items on the punch list had been dwindling, but Gappa says there were a few minor details that still needed to be addressed.

“There were some tiles that needed to be finished and something with the temperature reading of the freezer unit that was put in were the last couple of items and so once those were finished, then the final claim finally came through,” says Gappa.

The claim was completed by the school board, brining the elementary school cafeteria construction project to an end.

Gappa says the school board also held a public hearing on next year’s budget. No questions were asked by members of the public. Adoption is slated for later this year.