Knox School Board Puts Administrators on One-Year Contracts

Knox Community School Corporation logoThe Knox School Board is aiming for more flexibility following administrator contract approvals last week.

During their discussion last Tuesday, board members opted to change the contract terms to a one-year period. That caused a bit of disagreement among those present, some of  whom argued better performing employees should be given longer contracts.

Knox School Board President Kirk Bennett says this allows them a greater ability to react to changing circumstances.

“If there are changes, things that might need to be done: consolidation of administration, anything that’s possible, it’s open,” says Bennett. “It allows the corporation to at least look at it.”

The contracts were approved last week after expiring on June 30th of this year.

Bennett says the change, however, does not jeopardize administrator positions, going out of his way to report his satisfaction with the Knox School Corporation’s administrators.

Some sensitivity was expressed to the board about the length of the contracts without taking administrator performance into consideration. Bennett says the contracts don’t change evaluation methods either.

“It’s just allowing us to be flexible and look at things,” says Bennett. “Our administrators have been and are doing a great job performance-wise. They’re doing well.”

The Knox School Corporation approved the contracts on a 4-1 vote.