Knox School Budget On Track, Student Fundraisers Approved

Knox Community School Corporation logoThe Knox School Board on Tuesday received an update on the school corporation’s budget for 2017.

Superintendent A.J. Gappa says the budget adoption process is on schedule. The figures were recently published in the legal notices of the local newspaper. A hearing on the budget has since been set and is scheduled for the next school board meeting on September 19th.

Gappa says they’ve worked to keep themselves within revenue estimates.

“We’ve tried to be frugal and tighten the budget like everyone else has around here,” says Gappa. “Those numbers are figured into what we have. We were fortunate last year to have more students last school year than the previous school year. So that brought us in more money than the year before because the money is following the students right now the way the state finances schools.”

Budget adoption is tentatively scheduled for the Knox School Board’s October 3rd meeting.

The annual list of fundraisers was also considered on Tuesday. At the beginning of each school year, there are often new ventures the students and their respective organizations undertake which require school board approval. This year, the student council at the high school has started the “Bark Park.”

The fundraiser is designed to raise $5 for each car parked in a specified area. They’re splitting those funds to contribute to the K-9 unit with the Knox Police Department.

“You can come through the east gate and then park in the grass on the north side of the football field there,” says Gappa. “It’s more convenient for them if they want to do that.”

The Knox Police Department recently acquired the K-9 for training with the City of Knox purchasing a special vehicle to transport the animal. Food, veterinary care, and training are all ongoing expenses with the dog.

No specific dollar amount has been set as a goal. Gappa says the students are looking to raise as much money as they possibly can.