Knox Schools Anticipate Enrollment Boost

Knox Community School Corporation logoKnox Schools are anticipating an enrollment boost after estimates were submitted to the state for the school year.

This year, the school corporation says they increased 16 or 17 students compared to the previous year. That is positive news as far as revenue estimates are concerned.

Knox Schools Superintendent A.J. Gappa says the numbers aren’t final yet.

 “You figure compared to last year, if we’re up even 15 kids, that puts us up probably $90-thousand coming in, and that would be General Fund money coming in,” says Gappa.

Last Friday was the Indiana Department of Education’s Average Daily Membership count.

Indiana’s school funding formula attaches funding dollars to students, meaning the Knox Community School Corporation is expected to see an increase of about $6-thousand per student next year.

For several years, rural school corporations have attributed slowing revenue to declining birth rates and overall population declines in the area. The increase, however, is being attributed to some of Knox’s program offerings.

“Last year we were up a little bit compared to the year before,” says Gappa. “We had hoped that we would be up a little more this year. We knew we had some kids that were coming in and enrolling. We offer some pretty good programs, some pretty good things for the students to take and we think that’s what’s attracting the students.”

The enrollment count will be finalized by the state shortly.