Landscape Improvements Planned for Winamac Parkway, Ash Tree Removal Continues

Winamac Town Hall
Winamac Town Hall

The Winamac Parkway may soon be getting some landscaping upgrades. Austin Felty approached the Winamac Park Board Thursday about planting trees along the trail as an Eagle Scout project.

He says the goal is to add shade to the Winamac Parkway, while also honoring local veterans. Felty says the purchase of the trees will be funded by memorial donations.

Felty will work in cooperation with ProscapeS Unlimited. The company has been tasked with creating a master plan for landscaping along the Winamac Parkway, including the future placement of trees, benches, and possibly lighting. The Winamac Tree Committee will also likely be involved.

The park board agreed to let Felty’s project proceed. However, some members suggested planting at least some of the trees in the Town Park instead, to replace some of the ash trees there.

Park Manager Dave DeLorenzo says ash tree removal continues, thanks the the help of town employees. “We got seven more of the ash trees cut down and removed,” he said. “There’s about 10 more that I feel that town employees can do, but we’re going to need a little help from the electric and the street departments. And the street department did help on some of the seven.”

Several dozen ash trees have been removed from the park and other areas around Winamac in recent months.