Monterey School Building Auction Starts Today

Monterey Elementary School
Monterey Elementary School

The Monterey School Building officially goes up for auction today. The Culver Community Schools Corporation will begin accepting bids this morning at 9:00 EDT.

Interim Superintendent Chuck Kitchell says the required legal advertising has taken place and the corporation is ready to proceed with the auction. “We have the bid process open for two weeks,” he says. “It closes on October 7, and we certainly are hopeful that we are going to get at least one person to give us a bid for that building.” During that two-week period, bidders will have the chance to raise their bids if a higher one should be submitted.

The property is thought to be worth about $54,500, according to the average of the two appraisals the corporation received. That includes two parcels of land, including the land where the building itself sits, as well as an open space to the south. Prospective buyers may obtain a bid packet and view the appraisals on the corporation’s website or in person at the Culver Schools Administration Building.

The school corporation hopes to save about $50,000 a year on maintenance costs by selling the unused building.