Security Improvements Planned at N.J.-S.P. Junior/Senior High School

North Judson-San Pierre Junior/Senior High School
North Judson-San Pierre Junior/Senior High School

Safety upgrades are under way at North Judson-San Pierre Junior/Senior High School. Superintendent Dr. Annette Zupin told the school board last week one is the installation of a new key scan operating system. It has a key fob, which will enhance security by limiting building access to designated doors at designated times. Zupin adds the initial Phase 1 installation includes four doors, with room for future expansion of four more. The lock cores on the non-key scan doors will be changed now.

She says they’re also looking at new junior/senior high school lockers to replace what are believed to be the original ones from when the school was completed in 1974.

“They are old, but they are also a security issue, because backpacks will not fit into those, and so it’s best to have backpacks in the lockers. At some point we’ll be upgrading the lockers,” Zupin told the board.

Zupin also clarified the upgrades will be paid for with money in the debt service account and not from the general fund.

“The general fund is the ADM related and the teacher/staff. So we will always have to monitor that, making sure our ratio with staff and students are the same.”

Zupin says even though finances are tight the corporation needs to maintain good facilities and will use money from the debt services account to do so.