Sen. Donnelly Looks to Boost Small Businesses

Joe Donnelly
Senator Joe Donnelly

U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly is touting his efforts to help small businesses. Last week, the National Federation of Independent Business presented Donnelly with its Guardian of Small Business Award. 

“Small business drives Knox, drives Starke County, drives our state, our county, so I was really honored to have the chance to be part of that,” he says. “I’ve worked real hard to make sure that small business owners are treated well. I know how hard they work every single day. I used to own a small business, and I want them to know we’re in their corner.”

Donnelly says he’s trying to level the playing field for small businesses, “so that the tax rules are fair, that we have situations in place where they don’t have to worry about having to deal with different rules tax-wise than a big company would, that we can put in place the chance for them to obtain federal contracts, as well, in their particular area, whether it be printing or whether it would be trucking or whether it would be manufacturing of some type.”

However, Donnelly also says it’s important for government to stay out of the way of small business when possible, to allow for the creation of jobs and opportunities.