Time Capsule Slated for Courthouse Burial During Bicentennial Celebration

Pulaski County CourthouseA pledged time capsule to the Pulaski County Bicentennial Committee will be buried on the courthouse lawn, but where to put it came under question on Tuesday night.

The Pulaski County Commissioners considered the request. Under the proposal, the Bicentennial committee is requesting to bury the object and open it at a future date.

Dan Frain spoke on behalf of the effort. He says they intend to erect a marker for the site.

“I believe the plan is to mark that spot with a stone of some sort. I don’t believe that is going to happen yet this year,” says Frain.

Time capsules are already buried just left of the north entrance to the Pulaski County courthouse. A second time capsule is buried in one of the corners. That device was eventually dug up and a statute was placed on the lawn.

The Commissioners recommended using the northwest corner of the courthouse square where the fountain used to reside. The interest is to place it in the ground in a place where concrete will not be struck, and so they can properly entrench the time capsule.

One of the concerns brought up by Commissioner Bud Krohn, Jr. was how to maneuver the device so as not to interfere with any future construction at the courthouse.

Commissioner Larry Brady says that depends on the plans.

“If there’s an addition, there might be a question on that northwest corner,” says Brady. “But if it’s just a single point of entry into the courthouse with no addition there would not be a problem.”

The County has largely stalled any future construction until they figure out how to pay for the work and exactly what they want to complete.

Instead, the commissioners recommended using the southeast corner of the lot to prevent confusion and allow for any future construction work to take place. Indiana’s bicentennial celebration takes place throughout September and October.