Volunteers Needed Saturday to Complete Cemetery Terrace Section

pioneer-cemetery-terraceWork continues tomorrow on the stone terrace across from North Judson United Methodist Church. Dr. Dennis Dalphond is spearheading the project to rebuild the terrace and add a fieldstone fence around Pioneer Cemetery.

He’s looking for volunteers to join him there tomorrow morning around 8 a.m. to hand-mix mortar and lay 15 or 20 feet of stone at the west end of the second terrace. After that section of wall is done, Dalphond says the soil can be leveled in the 20-foot section between the two walls so bulbs can be planted.

The Town of North Judson has provided access to water at Pioneer Cemetery so plants at the site can be maintained more easily.

Pioneer Cemetery is more than 200 years old. It’s bordered on the east by Norwayne Field, which was a WPA project during the Great Depression. Local men, including Margaret Dalphond’s grandfather, Joseph Pacilio, Sr., helped construct the local landmark. The Dalphond family hopes the rehabilitation of the once-grand terraces and addition of a stone will enhance the appearance of the community for generations to come.