Winamac Park Board Appoints Advisory Council Members

Winamac Town Hall
Winamac Town Hall

The Winamac Park Board now officially has some help with its efforts. During last week’s meeting, the board passed a resolution establishing an advisory council to help provide input on the town’s park and recreation facilities.

Some specific tasks listed in the resolution are helping with fundraising efforts, planning events in the town’s parks, and gathering ideas about park improvements as well as the construction and maintenance of park buildings.

The advisory council is required to meet at least twice a year. It doesn’t have voting power, but will instead make recommendations to the park board.

According to the resolution, the advisory council will consist of between five and nine members. The park board has opted to begin with the maximum number of advisory council members, making nine appointments. They’re designed to represent the general public, as well as some of the groups that use the parks, such as the Winamac Tree Committee, the Pulaski County 4-H Fair, and Northern Indiana Power from the Past.

The members of the new advisory council are Sherry O’Connor, Dave Bennett, Theresa Calloway, Steve Miller, John Behny, Chris Smith, Stan Czech, John Simmermaker, and Dave Zahrt.

Members will eventually be appointed for two-year terms. However, the initial terms will vary, to stagger the appointments.