Culver Receives Bid for Safe Routes to School Construction

 The Town of Culver has received a bid for sidewalk work as part of the town’s Safe Routes to School Project.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist told the town council Tuesday that LaPorte Construction submitted the low bid of $247,240 through INDOT’s bidding process. “It is the smaller area that we revised it down to, mostly Academy Road and only one block on College Avenue,” Leist explained.

He says that 80 percent of the project’s cost was originally intended to be covered by the federal grant, with the town being responsible for the remaining 20 percent. However, cost overruns, especially in the area of engineering, have increased the town’s share to more like 40 percent.

Construction is set to take place in June of 2017, and the town’s share of the project’s cost will come out of next year’s budget.