Deer Archery Season Begins Saturday


Saturday marks the start of archery deer hunting season and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources has a few pieces of information to help hunters navigate the season.

The archery season runs from October 1st through January 1st of 2017. The DNR has supplied hunters with sunrise and sunset tables on their website to ensure proper regulations are followed. State statute indicates hunting may be started 30 minutes before sunrise and is expected to be completed 30 minutes after sunset.

Once a deer is harvested, the DNR says it should be checked within 48 hours at a check station for the state to track hunting activity.

License requirements can be a bit confusing, but license guides are provided through the DNR website with a guide for Frequently Asked Questions. Licenses may also be purchased online.

There are certain licensing exemptions such as being a landowner with an agricultural use. Cost exemptions are also extended to youth hunters in Indiana.

Archery weapons such as bows and crossbows may be used during the season. Firearms require different licensing and calendar dates.

The deer season also brings with it land use regulations. Seeking permission from landowners to retrieve your deer harvest, and seeking permission to use the land for hunting is recommended.

Other questions may be answered on the DNR’s website.