Grants Awarded for Rural Infrastructure Projects


Starke County will be able to update some of its infrastructure in the coming years, thanks to federal transportation funding. The Indiana Department of Transportation announced Monday that it’s distributing nearly $80 million in federal funds to rural communities around the state.

As part of that, Starke County’s getting $1,080,000 for a bridge replacement. Additionally, the Town of North Judson has been awarded $163,200 for sidewalk improvements. It’s part of INDOT’s new “Common Paths” initiative, designed to oversee projects that incorporate all forms of transportation, including non-motorized travel and public transportation.

Actual construction work is still a few years away, though. The grants announced Monday are for projects that will be bid during the fiscal year starting July of 2020. The federal funding will help cover the construction work, while INDOT plans to help fund the design, engineering, and right of way acquisition. Local communities will have to pay for at least 20 percent of the project costs.