Hamlet Council Considers Salt Spreader Purchase, Approves Street Paving Payment

Hamlet Fall 5The Town of Hamlet is getting ready for winter weather. Water and Street Superintendent Fred Rowe told the town council Wednesday that the town’s salt spreader is getting worn out, after years of use. “It’s going to cost quite a bit of money to get it up and running the way it should be,” he said, noting issues with the gearbox and motor. “The motor is getting bad to where it stops on him and we’ve got to bring it back in, work on it and get it going, go back out.”

Rowe is working on getting costs for a replacement, but finding funds in the budget is a bit of a challenge for council members. However, they noted that the salt spreader is a necessity for the town, and the longer they wait to make a purchase, the more difficult it will be to find one.

Also during Wednesday’s meeting, the town council approved the payment of just over $30,000 to Starke County for paving work done by the County Highway Department. Council President Dave Kesvormas expressed his satisfaction with the work. “The streets did come out really nice,” he said. “They did nice work. You can tell they’ve done it a little bit, versus the first set they’ve put down.”

The paving work involved nine different sections of road in Hamlet, totaling 1.2 miles.