Indiana Tree Stand Fall Prompts Safety Reminder

huntingIndiana Conservation Officers are investigating a tree stand fall in the Willow Slough Fish and Wildlife Area.

The injured man was from Morocco, but the tree stand fall from 13 feet brings about safety reminders to area hunters. Tree stands are considered a leading cause of injuries to hunters by multiple state DNR services.

They encourage hunters to always wear a safety harness while in a tree stand and inspect it for age, wear and tear.

If a hunter does find themselves hanging from their harness, it is imperative to remove the weight from the harness as quickly as possible and use the three point rule to climb down from the tree. The three point rule says that three appendages must be on the latter before climbing down.

Other safety pointers include being aware of weather conditions that may increase the risk of injury while in a tree stand such as rain, frost, or snow. 

Using trees for your stand that are straight and in healthy condition are also recommended for any hunter to stay safe during deer season.