ISP Dedicates Available Resources to Widespread Voter Registration Case


Indiana State Police say one of their highest priorities is ensuring the integrity of the 2016 election.

In a press release on Wednesday, ISP Superintendent Doug Carter followed-up on statements released by Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson regarding possible voter fraud. In her statement Tuesday, Lawson said a search of the Statewide Voter Registration System revealed thousands of instances of names and dates of birth that had been changed on paper, through the BMV, and through the state’s online registration system.

State Police say they are investigating evidence of possible voter fraud and forgery in 56 of Indiana’s 92 counties. More than two dozen investigators are working on the case with three weeks to go until Election Day. ISP also says they are dedicating all of their available resources to see the case through.

Superintendent Carter says he is confident multiple county attorneys will be involved in bringing criminal charges against a number of individuals.

Details of the case are not being released at this time, but ISP says the Indiana Voter Registration Project, a subsidiary of Patriot Majority USA, is allegedly playing a role in perpetuation of the changes.

Carter also addressed the group’s recent advertising campaign saying attempts to discredit the investigation as intimidation. He says he found it “offensive.”

Secretary of State Lawson says voters who cast ballots in the Primary Election but can no longer find themselves on the state voter registration website are encouraged to contact their local county election officials.

Lawson says county election offices may be able to find a voter’s record if there is an issue with a voter’s date of birth or first name. Since the voter registration deadline has passed, only the county election offices may be able to assist voters to correct information under limited circumstances.

Voters who believe their information has been changed will still be able to cast a ballot during the November 8th General Election.

The state encourages voters to cast their ballot early to ensure no issues are encountered at the polls.