Knox Officials Seeking Street Name Suggestions

City of Knox logoThe City of Knox is taking suggestions to for a new street name. One of the Community Crossings grant-funded projects will extend 150 South from South Heaton Street next to Sandy Acres Park to Roosevelt Road just past the Knox bus barn.

Knox Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston last week suggested the city come up with a street name for the road rather than continuing to refer to it as 150 South.

Suggestions considered during the meeting were Oak Street, some sort of Indian name to celebrate the community’s heritage or a historical name like Klopot. The family moved from Chicago to the area in 1984 and opened photography studios in Knox, North Judson and Bass Lake. The Klopot family maintained a studio in Knox until the 1960s, and Stella (Klopot) Bonner also served as the county’s first historian.

Another possible name is Kennedy, as next year will mark the 100th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s birth.

Knox Mayor Dennis Estok would like input from the public on these and other suggestions before making a decision. Residents can contact the mayor’s office at 574-772-4553 or email or the clerk-treasurer’s office at