North Judson Council Collects Additional Public Input Prior to Community Center Grant Application

NJCommunityCenterThe North Judson Town Council collected public input once again Wednesday night to gather comments on a proposed grant application for a community center construction project.

This was the second public hearing on the topic – which has garnered sharp questioning from certain members of the public. Clerk-Treasurer Alicia Collins responded to questions of affordability with a breakdown of the Town’s responsibility.

“That’s what is built into the budget is $15-thousand for 2017,” says Collins. “However, $12,500 of that is to purchase the land and Wayne Township is going to do $12,500 as well. But that’s only if we get that grant.”

Under the proposal, grant funds would be sought through the Office of Community and Rural Affairs to help construct the community center.

If approved, the grant would cover $500-thousand of the estimated $840-thousand project cost. Organizers are also seeking in-kind donations to make-up most of the $300-thousand difference.

So far, the Town of North Judson has also raised about $10-thousand in cash from several donors looking to support the project.

Town Council President Wendy Hoppe says the township has contributed plenty as a partner.

“Thank God we have the township that is in with us just like they were with the fire department,” says Hoppe. “The Township has stepped up to the plate. So, yes, $12,500 the town has said that will be our share. Thank God the Township had enough that they said we need this in this township.”

Discussion was largely split on Wednesday night at North Judson Town Hall on whether the community had properly thought through the order of the projects being undertaken and whether the project was necessary at this time.

There are requirements for being prepared to start construction that goes along with the grant. The grant application is due Friday.