Oregon-Davis Administrators Stage “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”

snow-white-2Faculty members at Oregon-Davis put a new spin on a classic fairytale for young students Friday. Elementary Principal William Bennett, Athletic Director and Dean of Students Greg Estok and High School Principal Tim Pletcher staged “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” for pre-k, kindergarten and first graders. Bennett’s interpretation of the wicked queen drew peals of laughter from the youngsters. He credits a YouTube refresher course for helping accomplish his goal of making the children giggle.

Estok played the title character, Snow White, which he says is a familiar role.

“I have a little practice at home with my little ones. My daughter makes me play Snow White. I usually don’t have to wear the dress, so I had a little bit of practice on doing that.”

Pletcher played the part of Prince Charming.

“I think maybe I was miscast. Usually I don’t envision myself as a Prince Charming, but whatever I’ve got to do to bring a little joy and happiness to these kids, I think it’s worthwhile.”

The voices of the seven dwarfs were provided by sixth grade students, and O-D Superintendent Dr. Don Harman narrated the production.

snow-white-3“It was our goal to demonstrate that as administrators you’re always a lifelong teacher. And as role models we’ve got to project that literacy is very important. These three gentlemen did an outstanding job,” Harman said.

Oregon-Davis kindergarten teacher Amy Borkholder says they invite a guest reader to class each Friday to get the youngsters excited about reading through interpretation. She says they also incorporate age-appropriate life lessons about things like bullying and being yourself.

Click O-D Faculty Perform Snow White to view their performance.

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