Park Board Orders Takedown of Storage Structure At Bass Lake Beach, Campground

Bass Lake CampgroundThe Starke County Park Board has asked that a food vendor at the Bass Lake Beach and Campground use another facility to store their goods.

During Tuesday night’s meeting, the board agreed that a small structure being erected in the park ought to be taken down. The facility was intended for use by Tim’s Dogs, a hotdog supplier at the beach and campground, for storage and items used to keep food fresh.

Park Board Member Debbie Mix says the structure is not currently in use by the hot dog vendor.

“But it’s been sitting there for a couple months now and to me that’s the same old same old of what’s been going on, they just start something and don’t necessarily complete it,” says Mix.

Tim’s Dogs currently uses a trailer to store their supplies.

The argument from the park board surrounded why the structure was started in the first place when, according to them, the pavilion/beach house is being underutilized. The pavilion has been recommended for repairs with the park board working under the belief that its use for storing supplies for Tim’s Dogs may prompt the Beach and Campground operators to implement additional upgrades.

Mix says she was among those wanting the existing structures to be used.

By making it utilized, it needs to be maintained,” says Mix. “That’s one of the complaints and concerns that I have is that pavilion has not been maintained as it needs to be and utilizing that would force that maintenance.”

Park Board members voted to make the change. The structure being constructed for Tim’s Dogs is expected to be taken down in the next 90 days.