Pulaski Commissioner Addresses Some Recent Online Criticism

Pulaski County CourthouseA Pulaski County Commissioner who has been known to enter into some heated exchanges with representatives of the Community Development Commission struck a softer tone, Monday night.

Commissioner Bud Krohn, Jr. was called upon to resign at the end of September by a CDC board member on social media following a back and forth between Krohn and CDC Executive Director Nathan Origer. The spirited discussions have become commonplace during Pulaski County Commissioner’s meetings.

During Monday night’s meeting, Krohn addressed some of the concerns being raised.

“Some people think I have an agenda. I really don’t think I did, but the more I look at it, I have an agenda to stop spending money,” says Krohn, Jr. “Keep it very conservative.”

Among Krohn’s criticisms several weeks ago was the way he alleges the Pulaski County CDC is spending its resources. The commissioner regularly casts votes against projects and decisions recommended to the commissioners by the CDC board.

Origer addressed those criticisms by citing his annual budgets where money is regularly returned to the county for future use.

Despite Krohn’s apologies for the nature of the discussions in previous meetings, he commented on some of the online criticisms of his disposition, saying the negativity is going to waste.

“I pretty much will talk to anybody that calls and I’ll sit down and be honest with you, but you have to communicate with me,” says Krohn, Jr.  “And I’m not going to play the e-mail and the Facebook, folks behind the keyboard badmouthing me.”

Krohn has previously challenged Origer to try to get him impeached.

The commissioner will be the only one of the three on the board returning in the New Year.