Pulaski County Council Approves Full-Time CDC Assistant Position

Pulaski County Economic DevelopmentPulaski County Community Development Commission Executive Director Nathan P. Origer now has a full-time assistant. The county council approved the establishment of that position Monday evening. That means a pay raise and more hours for Origer’s current part-time assistant, Krysten Hinkle. Origer stressed both her qualifications for the job and dedication to Pulaski County in his appeal for the position. He noted she’s got a master’s degree and is only earning $13 per hour in a part-time capacity.

Hinkle coordinated Pulaski County’s Bicentennial Torch Relay celebration, which included a three-day festival last weekend to celebrate. She also assists with tourism promotion, workforce development, grant writing and other fundraising and is working to implement the “Adopt-a-River” program.

“She’s got unmatched passion for this county,” Origer told the council.

Several members of Origer’s board wrote letters of support, and Commissioners Terry Young and Larry Brady agreed Hinkle needs to be full-time.

Councilwoman Alex Haschel cast the lone opposing vote, citing the county’s need to prioritize spending and stick to the salary matrix she’s helped to develop.

Origer says having a full-time assistant will allow him to use some of the comp and paid time off he’s accrued and keep from getting burned out as his office takes on more projects.