Starke Commissioners to Consider CAFO Fees

Starke County CommissionersThe Starke County Commissioners will consider amendments to the confined animal feeding ordinance fee schedule when they meet this evening. The Starke County Plan Commission recently approved a flat $500 flat permit, along with a $75 filing fee to offset the cost of processing the application. They also doubled the re-inspection fee to $100 for all permits. It will be charged when the county is called out to conduct an inspection, but the work is deemed to be incomplete.

Also tonight Sheriff Bill Dulin and Knox Wastewater Superintendent Kelly Clemons will talk to the commissioners about bids for a septic system screen at the Starke County Jail. Clemons says commissary trash flushed down the toilets by inmates gets into the lines and has caused two pumps to fail recently. Last month the commissioners asked Dulin to work with her on a solution to the problem.

The commissioners are also scheduled to open bids for the coroner’s office, receive a report on the old county landfill and get monthly reports from the Starke County Highway Department and EMS. The Starke County Health Department is seeking approval of a contract, and the Council on Domestic Abuse is requesting a proclamation of October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Starke County.

Tonight’s meeting starts at 6 p.m. in the annex meeting room.