Starke County Prepares for Bicentennial Torch Visit

torchrealy_logo_final-00000002Starke County residents are preparing for a celebration 200 years in the making. The Indiana Bicentennial Torch will travel up U.S. 35 from Pulaski into Starke County around 5:30 p.m. tomorrowevening, according to the schedule posted on the state’s website. Starke is the 76th of Indiana’s 92 counties the torch is visiting on its 3,200 mile journey.

The symbolic flame will travel up U.S. 35 to State Road 10 and through North Judson, where it will board the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum’s train before heading out of town by caravan. The torch will take Toto Road to get from North Judson to Knox, where it will cross over onto 300 East/Klockner Drive and be transported by canoe up the Yellow River to Wythogan Park.

That’s where tomorrow night’s community celebration will commence. Highlights include the presentation of the new Starke County flag, a special Fingerhut Bakery cake and opportunities to tour the mobile “Bicentennial Experience” museum exhibit.

The Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay is designed to inspire and unify Hoosiers as one of the major commemorative events of the 2016 Bicentennial celebration. Hoosiers will also symbolically “pass the torch” connecting generations to IGNITE our future.