Winamac Park Board Appointment Put on Hold

Winamac Town Hall
Winamac Town Hall

The addition of a fifth Winamac Park Board member will have to wait for at least another month. Last week, the Pulaski County Public Library Board appointed Sandy Lucas to the park board.

But Winamac Town Attorney Justin Schramm told the park board Thursday that appointment’s run into a bit of a problem. “Unlike the school board, the library board has to seat a member of their board of trustees, whereas the school board can seat a member of the school board or anybody else in their district,” he explained. “So the library had appointed an individual that wasn’t on their board of trustees, which we didn’t realize that was a requirement until after the appointment, so that appointment of this individual can’t happen at the present time.”

Now, it’s up to library board members to decide whether one of them wants to serve on the park board, or to allow the town council to give the appointment to the Eastern Pulaski School Board instead. Schramm says that discussion will likely happen at the next library board meeting. In order to have more than four members on the park board under state law, the town council must decide whether to have the school board or the library board make the appointment, rather than the town council itself.

Park Board President Courtney Poor said that even though Lucas is not legally able to join the park board at this time, her input would still be appreciated. He then suggested that she join the park advisory council.