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Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Ten years of 9-11. Nothing I can say will ever provide relief from the pain and suffering this nation has endured. Sometimes the pain of history never goes away until all those alive when the history was made, dies. The pain of Pearl Harbor still burns. The pain of WWI not so much. The pain of The Spanish American War even less. The pain of the Civil War is hardly smoldering, barely warm but not forgotten, remembered only in the south.

The pain of the American Revelation is cold and dead within the people. We still talk ‘bout Washington crossing the Delaware, but we don’t feel the pain, we don’t feel the cold. We only see the picture. But we don’t give a damn, ‘cause we don’t feel the pain. Ya can’t feel the cold when ya see the picture. We have no one available to step forward and tell us, “I remember the pain, I remember the cold”.

Time and death turns pain of anguish into pages of history books and then along comes some idiot who want to challenge those pages of history. Asking questions such as “are you sure that is historical fact?” Or even “I don’t believe that happened”.

At the end of WWII General Eisenhower demanded that all the atrocities in the death camps of Germany be photographed and filmed to the extent possible with the technology of the day. ‘Cause he feared that in some future generations they would challenge the brutal facts that millions of Jews in Europe had been killed.

Even with such documented records, Europe is currently engaged in those discussions. England is currently rewriting their history books to remove all reference to the systematic extermination of millions of European Jews. Not wanting to offend Muslims within the English population, they’ve maybe started down a long slippery slope. Should England cease to exist in the future, it will be due, much in part, to such decisions to rewrite history. England’s old, but not too old to die.

Sometimes crap just gets too deep to stand in. Facts are facts. It’s not a matter of fact or fiction, the record speaks for it’s self. Ya’ve seen the film, ya’ve seen the still photographs. Those people died. The people were gassed and cremated in mass. Not fiction, fact. Then along comes an idiot in Iran and says he doesn’t believe the holocaust ever occurred, and the world news media gives this dumbo wide coverage and it adds credence to his statements.

The wisdom of the General who insisted that the movies be made, the photographs be taken, the civilians be forced to observe the carnage, that all possible records be made of what happened here. Not for the record to end WWII, ‘cause the war had ended. But for the future of civilization. It was the hope of the General that if sufficient records existed, such things would not occur again. Ike gave it his best shot at preserving the record. It’s still too early to tell if the General’s efforts paid off. I hope it worked, it’s still too early to tell.

In some respects, the real big loser in WWII was not the Axis Powers but all of Europe, along with England. If ya stop and think about it, The lives lost in WWII in all of Europe and in England have pretty much been replaced by people of a nomadic decent. Such people have yet to demonstrate a significant contribution to society in the last 2000 years.

When ya look at the contributions made to civilization by the race of people exterminated in the death camps of Europe, it truly amazing. When ya look at the contributions made by the nomadic people who replaced those bodies in Europe, it’s truly amazing. But the amazing thing ‘bout the replacements, it’s the lack of contributions to society, by and large, those contributions just don’t exist from those of a nomadic heritage..

Now don’t get crazy on me here and think I’ve gone off the deep end. I’m just telling ya, nomadic peoples have yet to add major contributions to civilization. They just have not. Doubt my words, check the records. It you’re reading this, you’ve got a computer. So do the Google research and you’ll see what I mean.

The middle east has exploded in 2010 and 2011 for much the same reasons that oppressed people everywhere will sometime rise up and throw off the shackles of dictatorship, no matter how harsh.

Actually I think Moses started this type uprising back in the day, when he stood before the King of Egypt and said “Let My People Go” and the king said “ Ya, right”. Slaves were hard to come by back in the day. It was not like they were gona turn everybody loose just ‘cause Moses said “Let My People Go”.

They had to have plagues and stuff like that to really get the Kings attention and even after that, the Pharaoh changed his mind and sent his army to chase Moses and the children into the dessert. It was at the Red Sea, there at the Red Sea, where Pharos’s Army got drowned, oh children don’t ya know. God works in mysterious ways. In the days of Moses as well as in the days of BobbyRay even when sprouting orange seeds in paper towels, God works in mysterious ways.

Me and Johnny just came back from Roswell GA. Friday night late we came back. Left on Tuesday, got home late Friday Night. The She had a 50 year class reunion last evening. The event was held at Grand Central Station, right there in beautiful downtown North Judson, by the Street Clock.

An event filled with both carp and memories. Ya can go back to your child hood home, ya can’t go back to your high school senior year.. Keep precious memories precious. Never try to reproduce precious memories. When ya try, they don’t linger.

To make sure the She had all the time in the world to spend with her class mates, me and Angela along with Johnny and Jaimie decided to do all the serving of the event at Grand Central Station for the 50th year party of the Class of 1961. That meant Johnny and I had to get back home from Georgia early, and so we did.

We damn near had to bar the She from the Grand Central Kitchen, ‘cause the She wanted to do the serving of the food on the buffet line, resupply of the buffet, bussing the tables, washing the dishes, breaking down the buffet line.

It’s hard to make the She become a part of a party. But we did. I’m forever grateful for my babies to have pulled this thing off for the She. It was her time to party, and even when the She didn’t want to party, we hung tuff, and made her party. Me and my babies made sure the She didn’t do the work of Grand Central to make this party a success. It was a success. But it was hard to keep the She out of the process!

Almost forgot to tell ya, I fried the chicken. Yeah, I’m telling ya, all 100 pieces of chicken, I fried ‘em all. I think me and that KFC Guy must be related, ‘cause we both know how to fry chicken. I think we spell our names the same, that’s Sanders with an H. I started frying chicken at 5:00 and the last batch was out at 7:00. The party planners wanted to be able to eat at 7:00. They ate at 7:00. Me and my babies, we do parties right.

The She now takes Thursdays off. My daughter–in-law, Jaimie, has been working on Thursdays in place of Regina at Pioneer Florist. It’s time the She takes time off from work. Me and the She, we have to think ‘bout the future and how we exit the “work every day for the rest of our lives”. We’ll work it out somehow, me and the She. It’s been such at trip.

I contracted out some yard work at the EastWing, things I didn’t have the “get up and go” to it get ‘er done. It was on both the west side of the house as well as the north side of the house deck and the west side of the pool deck of the EastWing. Weeding down to the dirt, everything goes..

Everything was pulled, dug up and hauled away. I loved it, the She didn’t want everything removed. Too late. Uh Oh. Had to say I’m sorry to the She for pulling everything and going down the dirt. There are some stuff ya just can’t undo besides Humpty Dumpty. Pulling down to the dirt is some of that stuff.

But I gotta say, the work performed by Lee Patterson and his crew in my yard, exceeded my expectations, and I’m hillbilly, so my expectations are high. Thank you Lee Patterson for such a job well done. I recommend you without reservations to all those in need of your services.

It’s such a pleasure to recommend another business without reservations to my EastWing friends. The Services of Lee Patterson Lawn Care is such a business. Thank You Lee.

Stay safe in Iraq and Afghanistan.

From the EastWing, 9-11, WWII And Facts Of Live, Moses, Me and Johnny In Georgia, Class of 1961, Cleaning Up the EastWing.

I Wish You Well,