Hobbies or Not,Researching Marga rine,Churning Butter, When It’s Butter And Ya Know It

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.


From time to time, I’ve been asked if I have any hobbies. I never know how to respond that question. ‘Cause I’ve never thought of anything I do as being a hobby.   So I don’t know if stargazing is a hobby or serious effort. Is RHCO INC. a hobby that pays the bills or my playground for the last 35 years? Is the EastWing a hobby or the love of my life? Besides the She, of course. Is research into anything and everything a hobby or a desire to expand the knowledge base? And so it is, that sometimes a simple question produces more questions than answers. Then sometimes not.


A while back I was asked did I know anything about Margarine. I did not. Not a single thing. In fact I was able to tell the person who asked me the question, that to the best of my memory, I had not spent a single minute of my life even thinking about Margarine. So no, I didn’t know anything about Margarine. I asked why the question was being raised, and was informed the person had heard something about Margarine being bad for your health, but didn’t remember any details and thought  I’d probably  know. I didn’t know. That same day, I decided to change knowledge level on Margarine.


Later on that same evening, when I got to the EastWing, after the days work was done, my thoughts turned to the events of the day and my lack of knowledge of Margarine. And so it was at that time I decided to dwell into my  unlimited information base of Margarine Knowledge, the internet.   The good, the bad, and the ugly, the internet. I would make myself aware of the history and facts surrounding this magical man made marvel of modern chemistry. This Imperial, this “I can’t believe it’s not butter” butter, this Blue Bonnet Thing, this Margarine.


Well, of all the things one could want to investigate to improve the knowledge base, it don’t get better than this Butter Vs Margarine. What I’ve found is more misinformation surrounding this Butter-margarine issue  than just about anything else you could imagine.  Half truths and half lies , half  facts and half fiction. Seems to me that it’s all in the name of protecting your own turf.


Now if ya got dairy cows that produce milk that can be churned into butter, margarine is the work of the devil. If not, margarine is the answer to all the ills brought into society by the use of butter in our diet.


One of the most captivating  urban legion surrounding this   butter Vs margarine thing, in my opinion, is the story that margarine was first introduced as a food to put weight on turkeys. When fed to turkeys, they died, so the makers of this turkey killing stuff added a few additional ingredients and marketed it as margarine.


Now if ya just step back one step and look at that story in total, if it kills turkeys, it kills people. We eat turkeys ‘cause we kill ‘em first. Not because they die from natural causes, then we eat ‘em. I’m telling ya right up, if it kills turkeys, I’m not eating it. But on the other hand, I don’t eat margarine. I’m a butter kinda guy. But I think the She eats that crap. Now don’t misunderstand me here, I’m not connecting the She to the turkeys when it comes to this margarine stuff.


According to the National Association of Margarine Manufacturers, Margarine was the idea of a Frenchman named Hippolyte Mege-Mouriez in response to a request from Emperor Louis Napoleon for ideas for a substitute for butter.  In 1869 he used margaric acid and the name of his formulation became known as Margarine. It became a hit in the United States in the late1800’s


A little dirty secret of the margarine industry that is never talked about is that margaric acid stuff. Hope you’re ready for this, maybe ya should be setting down, anyways here goes. Most everybody I know, have never heard of margaric acid.  With my background in chemistry, I have. This stuff is a fatty acid derived from the milk of animals who eat grass and have segmented stomachs. Can we say cows here?  Do ya get the drift? Margarine is derived from the breakdown components of milk.  Another way to look at it is, ya don’t get margaric acid from corn, ya get it from cows.


Now of course there are several animals one  could get margaric acid from. The deer and the antelope, but they play. I’m telling ya, they got the original stuff for the milk of cows.  And so it turns out that margarine is the bastard child of the milk industry. And so that’s why the cow guys don’t want to clam ‘em as relatives.


It’s a true fact that both butter and margarine have the same amount of calories per tablespoon, ‘bout a hundred per. But from there on  the similarity ends. So from that point on, you’re either a butter kinda guy or a margarine kinda guy and nothing that can be said from the EastWing is gona change your point of view. So I’m not eve gona try one way or the other.


But I will say, maybe is ‘cause I’ve had the pleasure of churning my own butter. Just operating the butter churn up and down, or turning the crank that made the milk turn into butter. Either way ya look at it, I’ve done something most have not been involved with in their lifetime, I’ve turned milk into butter. Not at the EastWing, but back in the day. It was at South Fork, and me and Lou, and when we made the butter happen. I done all the churning, ‘cause Lou, well, Lou didn’t do work, Lou just told everybody what to do, and when to do it. Looking back at that time in my life, I think  Lou was in supervision.


Such a good Grandmother, was Lou. We played in the creek. The creek was the headwaters of the Kentucky River, my beloved South Fork, playing in the water with  Lou.  In my whole life, I never called her grandma, I called her Lou. It was a special bond, me and Lou. A special bond in deed. It was a time when a little boy and a grandma played together and swam in the head waters of the Kentucky River and picked black berries on the mountain side, in the summer sun. A time when both a Little Boy and a Grandmother enjoyed the company of the other. Me and Lou, on South Fork, it was such a time.


After that walk down memory lane with me and Lou, I don’t care who ya are, I’m voting on the side of butter. Now if ya never churned, if you’ve never turned milk into real butter and ya want to get on the margarine side of live, I’m happy for ya. But that’s your problem. ‘Cause when push comes to shove, if butter was not the better of the two products why would some smart ass advertising people come up with such a catchy name as “I Can’t Belief It’s Not Butter”.  Well you can believe it, it’s not butter.


It’s interesting when comparing the ingredients of the two product, butter and margarine. Butter has a single ingredient, butter. Margarine, on the other hand, margarine, has a litany of ingredients, depending on who is making the stuff to begin with. So, unlike butter, not all margarine is created equal.  So, when it’s butter and you know it clap your hands.


I set here in the EastWing this evening having read the latest projection of the doom and gloom of a “Massive Winter Storm emerging from the Rocky Mountains with its eye on the Midwest”. Now I don’t know ‘bout you, but I didn’t even know that winter storms could see.


We all know that hurricanes can see, of course they can see, they’ve got eyes. We’ve all seen those hurricane eyes a thousand times on the news and weather. Those weather people,  that’s all they want to talk about when it comes to hurricanes, the eye of the storm.  But winter storms, they don’t have eyes, they have rain and thunder, sleet and snow, and sometimes lots of everything.


In a unusual sense I’m kinda looking forward to a winter blizzard. I’ve been working nonstop, 12 – 16 hrs every day since January 7th . Should I get snowed in at home this coming Wednesday, oh well. J  But as backup, come Tuesday evening, I’ll bring lots of work home, just in case.


What if we get the ice part of the storm that takes out the electricity and there goes your internet, you may ask. Good question, damn it. I’ve already got the satellite link, guess I better invest in the ole backup generator. That backup generator, well, that generator will be able to keep the BS flowing from the EastWing.


Oh, by the way, that BS I referred to, that’s Better Service, not the other BS you were thinking. Now come on, I know what you were thinking. After all, the trademark of RHCO INC.  is “We do it right, the first time”


Stay safe in Afghanistan.

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