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Greeting to all and welcome to new friends to the EastWing.

Wow! A whole new year in front of us and we’ve only just begun. Sweet!

There’s something special about every new year, every single year, there’s just something always special about the start of a new year. They’re all filled with hopes and expectations, dreams of better times, of dreams that just might come true, of better days. More sunshine and less rain on your parade. More Blue Sky’s than Gray. More warm than cold weather. More yes than nos. The new year always renews hope in mankind.

Maybe God made new years just so everybody could get kick started every once in a while ‘cause everybody knows that without hope, we’d be like all the other animals in the food chain, with a single hope, and that being just hoping something doesn’t come along from behind and the last words ya ever hear in your whole life is “GULP”. I like hope, and I also like setting at the top of the food chain.

Did ya ever wonder about that food chain of life stuff? It starts in the sea, ya know. Yes it does start in the sea, even if ya don’t like to eat fish, like me. Ya still gotta admit that the food chain of life starts in the sea. Microscopic life in the sea, plankton, is the start of the food chain. And really little creatures of the sea eat the plankton, and larger things eat those who eat plankton, and it just keeps on getting bigger, bigger things eating smaller things, and so it goes.

The creatures of the sea eventually come onto the land and we the people eat those such things that come from the sea along with the creatures who come from the land that comprise the food chain for mammals, and eventually I get to eat a steak any time I want to.

Before ya get too excited about being on top of that food chain, keep in mind that we, as humans beings, fall into the classification genus as mammals that also includes kangaroos, rats, rabbits and raccoons and cats. In fact, every other animal that give birth to live babies and feed the babies warm milk, even whales give live birth and serve warm milk. The one common food that keeps mammals at the top of the food chain is milk. Without milk the genus of mammals dies out.

I could never understand those who say they are 100% vegetarian. They’ll only eat things that contain no animal protein. First off, ya gotta keep in mind that these people got to their point in life to make such stupid decisions by being fed animal protein, else they’d died off as little pups. ‘Cause ya can bet the farm their mama wasn’t a vegetarian, and didn’t feed ‘em wheat germ and Tofu in place of milk when they were born. Had they not been fed the right foods necessary for human growth as little fellers, they’d have never grown up enough to be able to say “I’m a vegetarian”. Shewwww.

Now the second problem these folks have with the vegetarian life style is God made ‘em carnivores. Bless their little hearts, I’m telling ya, I don’t care what ya say, when your two eyes can focus on a single object in front of your nose, honey you’re a carnivore, whether ya like it or not. If God wanted you to be a vegetarian, he’d made you to look more like a flounder than in the image of God.

Then both your eyes would’ve been on the same side of your head. Sometimes I think some people’s eyes should be on the same side of their head. Now I’m NOT IN CHARGE of those type decisions, and if I should judge ‘em Lord, let me give ‘em lots of room. But every now and then, I wouldn’t mind being a part of the jury.

Carnivores can focus both eyes on a single dot. An eagle can drop 200 meters from the air and grab a fish from the water. That same eagle can snatch a rabbit as it runs. Neither the fish nor the rabbit can focus their eyes on a single point in front of their nose. The eagle can. The eagle does.

It’s called telescopic vision, and It’s our ability to see things in 3D so to speak, it’s our depth perception. Animals that eat grass and leaves of trees and grains, they don’t have that ability to see things in 3D and as such are true vegetarians by Gods design. People who eat leaves and grass are just carnivores who eat leaves and grass by choice, and all the while missing out on one of the gifts from God, that being setting on top of the food chain and eating Chili Dogs every once in a while, just for fun.

We’re not really close related to things that lay eggs. Thank God. I do think chickens are kinda cool and I have about a hundred or so ceramic chickens in the EastWing, but I’d for sure hate to think that me and them chickens were cousins. Some times ya just thank God for small favors, not being closely related to chickens is one of those favors. But make no mistake about it, I do love having ceramic chickens. They’re all over the EastWing. In fact, I’ve got more ceramic chickens in the EastWing than dogs and cats, and that’s saying a lot. ‘Cause I got lots of dogs and cats in the EastWing and the outside surrounding decks.

In fact, I’ve got a pride of 12 northside deck cats. All named, and most too wild to touch. Yet they all depend on me for food and shelter. My garage is within easy cat walking distance to the northside deck and is equipped to accommodate a large cat population. Large, dry straw beds are available for everybody, yet my cats tend to want to spend their idle time during the day (which is a lot, believe me, a lot) on the northside deck, close to the food dishes.

In order to accommodate my outside cats who insist on staying on the north deck of the EastWing, I’ve built what my kids refer to as “Kitty City”. It’s a hodgepodge of shelters for the cats to get in from the weather. A 35 gallon drum, a large plastic dog house from Tractor Supply, a super large plastic storage bin with lid, turned upside down, with a “door” cut into the side and an awning over the “door” to shelter the cats for the weather, it’s Kitty City. Sophia The Republican Cat, from her vantage point within the comforts of the EastWing, refers to Kitty City simply as “The cat slums of the north deck”.

It’s interesting how my inside cats communicate with my outside cats. Now everybody has, at one time or another in their life, come in contact with a person that they consider “stuck up”. Everybody knows what the term “stuck up” means. Everybody knows, and everybody’s come in contact with such people. Few folks, if any, like to deal with “stuck up” people. What’s really interesting about “stuck up” people is those who are, don’t think they are, but they still are. ‘Cause they’re quare, and everybody around them knows they are. It’s not hard to identify quare people.

Living in the EastWing, along with other creatures, are two cats. One’s stuck up and one’s not. Now I’m not gona say who is or who’s not, but I’ll just say that Spike The Man Cat is highly respected and a most welcome guest in Kitty City. In fact, Spike The Man Cat is a frequent dinner guest at Kitty City. All the while Sophia shutters at the thought of associating with The Slum Cats Of The North deck. Damn Republican Cat.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people react to what Sophia The Republican Cat has to say. She even got Christmas Cards this year. Now I’m talking about in the regular USPS mail kinda Christmas Cards. Sophia has received email for a long time, but I was a little taken back when the Christmas Cards started to arrive at the office of RHCO INC. in North Judson, addressed to Sophia The Republican Cat. The mail man walked into my office one day and said “Do you know a Sophia The Republican Cat?” I had to admit that I did. And so Sophia’s Christmas Cards started to arrive. Sophia’s Got Mail!

Did ya ever notice how pretty trees are without their leaves? Trees fully covered with summer leaves are so pretty. Trees without their leaves are equally pretty, just a different kinda of pretty for a different time of the year. Trees without leaves are just God’s way of saying “Get ready for the spring time”. It’s the cycle of life, trees without leaves turn to trees that are green. And everybody knows that winter bring spring and spring brings summer, and summer brings fall. It’s simply the music in that cycle of life song, playing out in four part harmony. I love that sound, The Wind Song of Life.

The Afghanistan War came home to Starke County yesterday. Four Indiana solders died yesterday morning, while half a world away from home. Two less solders are visiting the EastWing this Sunday Evening. Of the total number of people in the military who visit the EastWing, the number I actually know can be counted on your fingers, with fingers to spare.

It takes one less finger to do the count this evening of the solders I truly know in Afghanistan. A hero from Starke County has paid the price for our freedom. I know his father. Went to high school with the father, I also know the son. The Hero Son, named after his father. Let’s never forget the price of freedom is high and the color of freedom has forever been red. It’s times like these when freedom’s not just another word……

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

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I wish you well,