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Greetings to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.


My proposed replacement last week for the General Lee, the Rainbow Pinto, drew lots of interest and inquires as to where one could be purchased.  Most took the comments on the Rainbow Pinto for what they intended. Some took the same as the gospel. There’s no doubt that I could have sold many Rainbow Pintos this past week. That alone shows how crazy this whole thing has gotten.


Last week, in jest, I proposed the elimination of the Stone Mountain Monument just outside Atlanta, GA. And sure enough, before a week passed Stone Mountain came under attack. Not from folks in Georgia, rather those people from outside of Georgia hell-bent on furthering a crazy progressive agenda of  dependence on the government to solve all issues within society. Really now. Can you name one thing that the federal government does well?  Yeah, I know what you mean, I can’t either.


These are the same people who propose to support free speech. But only to the extent you agree with what they are spouting. Any different point of view, and the vilifying is kicked into high gear. Don’t agree with the president’s political agenda, then you’re a racist. Don’t support the president’s foreign policy, then you’re a racist. Don’t agree with the supreme court ruling on same sex marriage, then you’re both a racist and homophobe. I don’t even know what a homophobe is but if you disagree on principle, then you are called one. Of course slinging that racist garbage is the  trademark of Rev. Al Sharpton. Guess being called racist by Rev. Al is like the pot calling the kittle………. Na, I’m not gona go there.


The Confederate Flag was removed from the Capital Grounds in South Carolina. The flag removal was a “feel good moment” for the political types in our society. It remains to be seen if any social changes will come about as a result. I’m of the belief that this symbolic jester has zero chance of making any lasting positive impact on the mindset of anybody. After a few weeks or less, we’ll all go back to business as usual. We’ll forget about that old flag while all the underlying social issues still bubble in the cauldron.


Till once again, a city burns, and we’ll watch the fire on TV, listen to the President make disjointed remarks, Rev. Al Sharpton will shout racist and demand justice, all the while not paying his IRS bill, then another flag will burn, and we’ll go on our merry way thinking they’re all made out of wicky whacky and they all look the same. Little boxes.


Did ya hear about where the mayor of Louisville KY wants to dig up a long dead Confederate General and his wife then dispose of their bodies elsewhere. With the elsewhere not being disclosed. A world gone mad…… When a major city mayor proposed to disinter the dead based on political correctness. Or better yet,  a stupid concept of liberal political correctness.


Here at the EastWing we’re glad the worlds going this crazy way. There are several things we want to get rid of, and now’s the time to get ‘er done. Being an alumni from The Ohio State University, there are several flags here in the Midwest that offend me. So it’s time they all join the Confederate Flag and  retreat into the closets of the world, never again to see the public limelight of day.


That flag down there in West Lafayette IN, that one with the big black letter P on it, yeah that one. That has to go right now, ‘cause I’m offended by it’s very presence in the same state I’m in. Another flag that must join the big letter P flag is the flag often seen in South Bend IN. The ND flag must never again wave in the presence of a “Football Jesus” on  October Saturdays when the game is played at home. And that big M flag up there in Michigan. Well that thing should be turned upside down to stand for Wimp. That way those boys up there could carry their flag with some degree of dignity.  I would not be offended by the Wimp Flag of Michigan.


It’s just a matter of time before we have a national registry of things that offend. We will be able to vote using our smart phones, iPads or laptops, for our favorite offender and the one getting the most votes each week will be relocated to a special place known only the those in charge. I propose the Mayor of Louisville KY be put in charge of handling such a place.  After all, he’s all ready to put a general in his place.


One thing for sure, we can’t allow Hillary Clinton to be in charge of this secret place. With her reputation for total and complete transparency in her public life, why she’d go tell it on the mountain. Or at the very least put the location of the secret place on face book. Or maybe even her own private server.


Then there’s the case where bakery, a husband and wife mom pop type business, was fined by the State of Organ  $135,000.00 for not wanting to bake a wedding cake for a same sex wedding. Not only fined the big bucks, but not allowed to talk about the whole deal. This is all going on while in San Francisco an illegal alien shoots and kills a woman and it turns out he’s been deported 6 times.  Now we find out that San Francisco is a “Sanctuary  City” where the federal immigration laws are ignored by the local folks. So the illegals come there   ‘cause nobody gives a damn about the federal immigration laws.


Can’t help but wonder if the folks not baking the wedding cake for the same sex wedding were doing so in San Francisco, would they too be protected from federal law by being in this Sanctuary City? Or is San Francisco selective on which federal laws to ignore. Of course it you’ve seen and heard the Sheriff of San Francisco then you can tell  for yourself that he’s a three dollar bill if there ever was one.


But keep in mind that some of these people in this “Sanctuary City” are represented in congress by none other than the beloved Nancy Pelosi. And we all know what a world leader for democracy she is.  Nancy Pelosi is a classic example of what makes this country great. America is able to prosper as a nation in spite of people like her.


That reminds me, I’m gona nominate Nancy Pelosi for the National Registry of Things That Offend.


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BobbyRay From The EastWing