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Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

A week ago I was in Cumming GA. At a hospital there to support my Sister Barbara. I’ve since returned home but may go back to Georgia on short notice. That short notice is just anytime my Sister Barbara wants another hug from her baby brother. When that hug need occurs, I’m on the road again.

For all my EastWing friends who’ve expressed love and prayers for my sister and for my whole family this past week, thank you. It’s when people deal with such things as a major illness that the importance of friends in their lives bubble up. Walking in the company of friends, makes the journey a bit more easy.


Sophia’s not kept still two minutes for the last three days. She started out first thing Friday morning meowing to the top of her voice “It’s Labor Day Weekend, It’s Labor Day Weekend!” And I thought she was excited when they announced Paul Ryan as VP. I was wrong, the cat’s almost too excited for words when it comes to Labor Day Weekend and the this campaign really kicking into gear. Sophia says “let’s get this done”.

The Gray Lady, being the lifelong democrat that she is, pointed out the fact that President Obama had made every effort to correct the massive mistakes of the Bush administration when he inherited the worst economy in the last 50 years the day he took office.

Sophia laughed and asked “Did Ronald Regan spend his first four years blaming Jimmy Carter for everything under the sun?” “Or did he go to work solving the problems left over from Carter?” “Has President Obama ever had a job that was not funded by public taxation?” “Has there ever been a president that blamed the former president the way Obama has blamed Bush”?

“Why did President Obama say he went to church for 20 years with Reverend Wright and not think the “God Damn America” statement is anti-American?” Sophia then asked “Is this Chicago politics from the old school at City Hall?”

Now when Sophia starts talking ‘bout “Chicago Politics” I know she’s on a roll. She knows ‘bout that stuff, ‘cause she’s a South Side Calico Republican Cat from the neighborhood of LeRoy Brown. When she starts that, I just set back and watch the show.

WOW! The cat’s in the cradle! Damn Republican Cat.

One of the fun things ‘bout writing from the EastWing is folks are always telling me what I should, or should not say. Seems no matter what I put on your computer screen, some’ll be happy and some’ll be mad, and some’ll be disappointed, and some’ll be disillusioned and some, well, some’ll be downright Fightin’ Mad.

I’ve learned to live with that. That wide range of human emotion all the way from total happy to “Fightin’ Mad”. It did take a little getting used to in the early years when I wrote. Back in the day, before I realized that it’s my brain to fingers to screen to internet to your screen to brain that said the words that you reacted to, and not vice-versa.

Sometimes, by my email, you’d think what comes from the EastWing is of major importance in the grand scheme of things. It’s not. But it is, only if ya let be so. Then why let it be so? Like most everything else in life, some folks can and some folks can’t, and some folks wish they could. And so, if ya can dance, oh well, so let it be. Forever and ever, amen.

Boy! Did the Sophia Fan Club ever come to life when they heard about her organizing that republican parade to kick off the VP Campaign. Offers to join in the next parade came from cost to cost, and all points in-between. A girl in New Hampshire, who produces authentic New Hampshire Maple Syrup, offered to supply as much of her Maple Syrup as needed should Sophia decide to have a Republican Campaign Pancake Breakfast here in Indiana. While Sophia’s friend, The Cowboy, from out by the West Texas town of El Paso, offered to come back to the EastWing, just to pull a float in Sophia’s next Republican Campaign Parade.

Sophia left this morning for her trip to Charolette NC to supervise her workers for the community organizing project. Said she’s gotta set up the Cat Houses in Charolette while the Democrats are in town. Says “business is business, in these hard Obama Times, ya gotta make money any way ya can”. “A Cat House is as close as it gets to money in the bank”.

Then Sophia reminded me of a few years back when the Federal Government seized an ongoing business for failure to pay taxes. The business was a legal brothel in the state of Nevada. By federal law, the government is required to operate the business for a period of time before they are allowed to offer the business for sale. By the time that operational period had expired the business was bankrupt due to poor management. There were no buyers interested.

Sophia took particular delight in saying, “now keep in mind an organization that can’t make a profit operating a whore house and selling whisky, and it’s the same organization we’ve put in charge of the national health care system. I don’t care who ya are, you gotta see, we’ve got a problem from the top down to the bottom on this deal”. Then she laid out that Calico Conservative Republican Cat Smile. I hate that smile. It’s a smile of “you don’t have a leg to stand on for this argument” kinda smile. Damn Republican Cat. Sophia when she smiles.

I’ve received several emails asking if I still have the story of the Cowboy coming from Texas to see Sophia. I do. And yes I’ll resend it someday, ‘cause it’s just a feel good true story, ‘bout a Cowboy who likes a cat, and made new friends in Indiana. That along with the time I ran for the presidency of the student body of the Tip Top Elementary School System. I’m still getting inquires ‘bout that one too. And yes, I’m gona resend that one again soon, ‘cause it’s about time to elect a new president.

Guess it’s time to talk ‘bout stories past, ‘cause just this morning I got an email asking about the Toto Trick-&-Treat story. Well, yeah! Of course I still have that one. Ya don’t walk thru the shadow of the valley of death in downtown Toto and not keep the story near and dear to your heart. Yes, come Halloween, I’ll once again share the joys and fears in the darkness while Toto Trick-or-Treating, when life was simple and easy back then. And also yes, for those who continue to inquire about the “Pop Bottle Wars of Toto”
that too will be resent again someday. Seems few things are more satisfying than when the weekly email brings requests for stories past. It makes ya feel like you have said something to somebody.

Ya wanta have a warm fuzzy feeling, then put out a hummingbird feeder and watch the little people enjoy a meal. When that ole Blue Jay killed my early hummingbirds this spring, I thought I’d never see another hummingbird this year. Then along comes the new little lady and her feller to visit the EastWing in late summer. They stay at the feeder most of the day light hours. It’s my pleasure to host these new guest to the south garden as this summer starts getting ready to fall into autumn. For these pretty birds, what’s lacking in size, is made up by beauty and grace. To my eyes, it’s a magic show just outside the window.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From the EastWing, A Thank You Note, Labor Day Politics Chicago Style, To Tell & Not To Tell, Sophia’s Fan Club, Cowboys & Presidents & Pop Bottle Wars, New Hummingbirds of Summer

I wish you well,