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Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

May 27th Is this a great day or what? Oh sure, it’s a great day. Why is it a great day you may ask? Because It’s my birthday. Now that alone makes it a great day. I don’t’ care who ya are, I’m not gona tell anybody how old I am, but I will say that on May 27th 1944, my Mama sure was happy to have a new baby boy. Now don’t you dare do the math, ‘cause I’m not telling.

A couple weeks ago was Mothers Day, 2012. All my babies came home for dinner, along with my pretty daughter-in-law , Jaimie, they came home for their Mama. They laughed and so enjoyed the company of their mother. At the same time, I so missed my Mama that day, I almost cried. Ya never get too old to miss your Mama, and ya never get too old to cry. So if your Mama is alive, make it a point every time ya can, to tell her how much you love her, and hug her often. ‘Cause there will be a time in your life where ya can’t do that anymore. When that times comes, it’ll be hard. It’ll just be hard.

It was a warm January day when the Pup Baby was born. Johnny was a freshman at Ball State University, and was home for the weekend washing his car when I came home in the early afternoon that Saturday. Johnny said “Hey pal, when did ya get that little pup baby upstairs?” I said “oh she’s been here for about a month or so.” Johnny said “You’d better go look again, that pup baby’s not been here a month.” I came into the house and went up stairs to the girl room.

I touched her within a few minutes after she was born, the Pup Baby, still wet. Born inside my house, born to the Gray Lady James, in the girl room. I named her Mustina, and nicknamed her the Pup Baby. She fit inside my left hand, wrist to middle finger, as she laid there with her eyes closed. Eyes that would not be ready to face the cold cruel world for several more days. Then darkness came, and morning followed, the first day.

The first person she saw on day seven was me, as she laid in my hand, still wrist to middle finger, my Pup Baby, Mustina James. She looked upon my face as I held her a my eye level. We became friends the very first time she laid eyes on me, we became friends, me and that Pup Baby James. it was day seven when she saw me first. Day seven in her life cycle that would span 12 years, 139 days, 7 hrs, and 32 minutes. And then for my Pup Baby, it was the end of time.

When you have a pet, be it dog, cat, bird, turtle, chicken or fish, the most you can hope for in your life is that your pet out lives you, so you never have to suffer the pain of losing a dear, precious friend. The Pup Baby, Mustina, did not outlive me. And so I’m paying that price for my longevity. The Pup Baby is gone forever. For more than twelve years I’ve had 2girldogs in my life. There will never ever be another Pup Baby in my lifetime. There will always be 2girldogs.

It turned out that the Starke County Humane Society had reached the end of the time limits on trying to adopt out a young girl dog. A young Pit Bull, full of life and one day away from being euthanized was brought to my attention. It seemed to me that The Pup Baby’s tragic accident might make it possible for a young girl dog, a young girl dog that she’d never met, to able to survive.

With that being said, I’d like to introduce to you Miss Daisy James. A nine month old Girl Pit Bull, fawn and white in color, spaded, up on all her shots and house trained?( well, almost, but don’t tell the She ‘cause we’re working on it) and full of “I’m wanting to love ya as much as I can”. I thought about getting a hound dog, but found out that a Pit Bull’s days were numbered, so what ya gona do. Ya save a life when ya can. The Pup Baby went to heaven, and Miss Daisy James, well, Miss Daisy James, she just gets to keep on living and has been invited to the EastWing.

It was the most easy of easy introductions to the other folks living in the EastWing. The first step was to stake out Miss Daisy James between the EastWing Maples out there in the front gardens, I then took Bentley outside on a leash, walked up to Miss Daisy James. They smelt butts. Bentley liked it a lot. I don’t think Bentley smelt too much girl butt, being neutered and all. They got along right off the bat.

The next step was the introduction of Gray Lady James, the queen of the EastWing, first on a leash, I walked the Gray Lady up to Miss Daisy James. Miss Daisy was totally submissive, laying belly up on the ground, a sign in dog talk to say “kill me if you must”. The Gray Lady smelled her butt then walked away. It was at that point when I knew the introductions were complete and there would be no wars when I took Miss Daisy inside the house. I left Miss Daisy outside for another two hours, just to make sure. I let both Bentley and the Gray Lady outside on their own, un-tethered, they didn’t even approach Miss Daisy on the chain. It was as if they had no attention toward her one way or the other.

When Miss Daisy James and I walked through the downstairs front door, neither Bentley or Gray Lady James even raised an eye. Miss Daisy had been accepted into the family of Howard as an EastWing Dog. I now once again had 2girldogs. Never again a Mama and a baby, but The Gray Lady and Miss Daisy, once again, 2girldogs in the EastWing. Life was good, sad but good, in the EastWing.

I had concerns about Miss Daisy and her reaction to cats, ‘cause I’ve got a few cats in my life also. Before I brought Miss Daisy James home, I took her to my office to see how she would react to the office cats, Miss Kitty and Little Brother. I walked Miss Daisy inside the office on a leash. Miss Kitty took one look and said “oh well”. It was Little Brother who puffed up his hair up to attention and made the statement “I’m a big cat” Miss Daisy didn’t react much to either one of the Office Cats. I then took Miss Daisy across the street to meet the She. The She took one look at Miss Daisy and said I could keep her. The She made my day.

The first night with Miss Daisy James we worked out sleeping assignments. She sleeps with Bentley. But it was the first full day alone inside the house that proved an adventure. I was told at the animal shelter Miss Daisy was fully house trained, and it appeared to be so her first evening in the EastWing. Last potty call was 9:30 PM and all was well for the night.

At 6:00 AM the next morning all Pit Bulls, both 1 and 2 went outside to do both # 1 and #2. They accomplished both in 10 minutes and back to the door. All was well before the first breakfast at the EastWing. It was when I came home at 4:30 in the afternoon, that first day, that first day alone that the situation changed.

The She is in the habit of taking frozen meat and laying it on one of the kitchen counter tops to thaw for supper. That day the She had taken a package of pork steaks to let thaw on the counter top. When I walked into the Westwing, looked around and saw no damage, I thought, good girl, nothing is disturbed. Six steps up to the living room and the story turned to the dark side.

A disemboweled package of pork steak was strewn over a 20’ area in the living room. The white Styrofoam container looked as if it had been run through a heavy duty shredder. The pork steaks were laying in a pile, semi chewed and appeared to have been in the same location for some time. In addition to the pork steaks, the crackers from the dining room table had somehow gotten onto the dining room floor, and had been devoured by unknown forces. I was not even aware that 2 lbs of hamburger had also disappeared from the counter top until the She got home and asked about the hamburger.

A scant 24 hours into being the junior member of the 2girldogs team and Miss Daisy is in trouble with the law. The EastWing Law. And so I’m telling you the story of how I’m ending up here telling you the story of how Miss Daisy James walked into my life. I’m glad she came. A girl Pit Bull, nine months old and full of “I’m wanting to love ya forever!” She’ll learn the rules of the EastWing real soon. ‘Cause she’s a Pit Bull, and they’re smart, really smart dogs. After all, look at Mr. Bentley, 90 lbs of “Lambert the Sheepish Lion”. Good boy, Mr. Bentley, the Pit Bull in charge of homeland security.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

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