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Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Summer so close you can smell it. EastWing Maple Trees are full of young, waving green flags of summer. Watching the Maple Leaves grow from little bumps on bare limbs to full blown green factories of chlorophyll production is something I’ll never tire of  watching. And all the while, those little Maple “helicopter” seeds are coming along quite well, thank you very much. They will soon be self planting themselves by the wings of the wind, to God only know where.

Remember a few weeks ago when the She said “I want my yard back”? Well its back. I’ve now got about an extra two acres of the green, green grass of home out there east of the EastWing. B&C Mowing of North Judson will assure the EastWing Gardens look the way they are supposed to look year around. Sometimes ya just got to do things a different way in life, sometimes. Maintenance of the gardens being one of those things.

The EastWing is the proud owner of a 20” Orange Tree. A full foot of growth this spring time. Keeping that rate up, I should have oranges by Christmas. I’m not getting the juicer out right now, ‘cause a lot can happen between now and Christmas.

Lots and lots  of good things happen between now and Christmas. Butterflies and hummingbirds, 4th of July, Cook Outs, Swimming Pools & Summer Time. August Heat, Family Reunions, and School Days. Labor Day and Cook Outs, Swimming Pools and then summer falling into autumn. Colored leaves, Milkweed Seeds on Silk Parachutes, pumpkins, and frost on ‘em, Halloween, Thanksgiving. The first snow, maybe a second snow and should we be so lucky, a White Christmas.  And it starts to snow just as Rudolph  lifts off to guide the slay. I love the summertime looking toward Rudolph.

Don’t know about you, but I’ve spent more money on Kleenex this year than any other year in  memory. Maybe is has to do with everything in the world blooming at the same time. Either way the Kleenex folks sure made money off me this spring. I think the She used as many Kleenex as did I, this year. I just know we sure blow our collective noses a lot.

Stearyl Heptanoate, Stearyl Alcohol, Polyethylene, Mineral Oil, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Aloe, Barbradensis Leaf Extract. And that boys and girls is a listing of the things added to my Kleenex Tissue Paper. I get the kind that “pampers” you nose. WOW! Ya gotta be a chemist to appreciate what all that stuff does for your nose.  Maybe what all that stuff really does is make our noses addicted to Kleenex. Pondering that thought brings a whole new meaning to a steady income stream.   And to think, back in the day, back when I used to be a little hillbilly boy at Tip Top, when things like that were necessary, well, we had long sleeves.

January 25, 1941:

  To the Armed Forces:

As Commander-in-chief I take pleasure in commending the reading of the Bible to all who serve in the armed forces of the United States. Throughout the centuries men of many faiths and diverse origins have found in the Sacred Book words of wisdom, counsel and inspiration. It is a fountain of strength and now, as always, an aid in attaining the highest aspirations of the human soul.

Oh, I forgot to print the name of who issued the above command to the military back in 1941. It was President Franklin D. Roosevelt. He is considered by many to be the best democratic president ever. Guess the question is what happened since 1941 that rendered the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt so irrelevant today by our current president?

The words of the Bible didn’t change. Guess it must have been the way people interpreted the meanings of such words. More likely, the reason being that many people stopped reading the words, so the meanings never came into play. And as such, after well over 50 years of not reading the words of God, we end up with a society of where we are today. A society of takers, not givers.

An interesting survey caught my eye the other day. A sampling of some 1,500 people, from all age groups, where given a list of questions to ask on the first interview for a new job. They were instructed to put the questions into a order of asking, with 1 being the first question asked and 10 being last question asked in the first interview.  The list included such things as dress code, training on the job, education requirements, salary, job duties, type of supervision,  breaks per shift, holiday per year, vacation pay, hours of employment, etc.

60% of those under age 35, and taking this survey, simply asked the first question as “how much does this job pay?” The second question being “do I have to work weekends?” Oh, I almost forgot, the question about job duties, it was question #9, right before the 10th question about dress code.  Have we become a nation of “takers” or what?

50 years ago the United States was the largest exporter of goods and knowledge in the world. Today we’re the largest importer of such things. With such massive social, economic and moral changes in our society, it’s no wonder we elect a president  who has not demonstrated a single accomplishment other than an uncanny ability to campaign for elected office. A person who spent the majority of his votes as an elected official in the Illinois Government voting “present”. Who spent four years in the United States Senate, running for President of the United States. A person who has never offered a single bill during this total political career.

As a group, we should not be surprised that our President has failed as the Chief Executive Officer  of the American People.  If we were hiring a CEO according to acceptable standards, he would never have gotten the job to begin with. Nothing in the resume  would qualify him for the position of CEO. No on the job training, no education in political science, nothing except an ability to campaign and promise.  It seems strange that we, the people, would make a person the General of the Army, before he even knows the duties of a private in that army.  Now of course other countries have also done such. In the Orient, they do have a “Dear Leader” with equal military experience.

A functional CEO surrounds themselves with people who have highly trained skills in specific areas related to the necessary functions of things needed to be done. These positions have predetermined criteria on which they will be measured.  From time to time these people meet with the CEO and review the process and are held fully accountable for the accomplishment of the predetermined criteria. And equally accountable for their failure to accomplish such predetermined criteria.

Our CEO, President has stated he knows nothing, and those whom he put into the positions of authority and they  know the same as the President. For all this current IRS mess in the Cincinnati Office of the IRS, a couple hillbillies from across the river in Kentucky, came over and applied for a job. Turns out the IRS was forced to hire ‘em because of the need to fulfill the diversity quota within the IRS. Such quota imposed upon the IRS by the equal opportunity employment act  to hire a  minimum % of hillbillies at every IRS office. And so those Cincinnati IRS folks, wanting to make sure they comply with every single regulation of the Federal Government, hire  two hillbillies, and meet the quota.

And then those damn hillbillies went rouge. Yeah they went rouge, both of ‘em. They went against all the values of the President’s policies.  Those damn hillbillies, without any authority or direction from anybody within the IRS, they took it upon themselves to screw over any one, and everyone who had a different point of view than the President, the dear leader. They just went against the principles of the President of the United States, and all those involved in the progressive  concept of “leaning forward”  and made such decisions, all on their own.

All by themselves, without any encouragement from anybody,  those damn hillbillies decided to make life miserable for all the people who would apply for any type of tax exempt status with the IRS when their thoughts differed from the dear leader. Their loyalty and devotion to the President was the single, and only misguided reason, why  such actions were undertaken  by those damn hillbillies.

And so it is with a repenting heart, that both the IRS and President of the United States, along with all his political advisers, are appalled at the actions of those hillbillies. Yet with the current laws requiring government hiring of minorities, the IRS finds its hands were tied and was forced to look across the river from Cincinnati to hire minorities to meet the quota. Two hillbillies.

What’s even more disheartening  to the President and the IRS is, with the Federal Government Union Rules, those hillbillies can’t be fired for such wrong doings. In this case, the union rules are quite specific on who can fire who in the Federal Government. Nobody  can fire anybody. The State Department is a good example of how people are fired by the Federal Government. It is expected that the IRS will handle those hillbillies much the same as the lady who refused to answer any questions before congress. They sent her home and told her to stay there, but she’d still get pay check in the mail.

Now the ole boys down there at  IRS Cincinnati are hoping for the same harsh treatment. In fact they’ve indicated possible legal action if they’re not sent home with the pay check in the mail. After all, the only reason they crossed the Ohio River was in hopes of getting a job and then being sent home with the pay check in the mail.  Damned hillbillies, almost as bad as Damned Republican Cats.

Guess the only thing those hillbillies from across the river at Cincinnati  are looking for is justice. They just want to get their fair share, on that level playing field, the one their leader’s always talking about.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

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