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Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Do you know how to calculate what Sunday Easter will be, come  next year? If not, don’t feel bad, most people don’t have a clue when Easter Sunday will be in the future. Guess they just wait till someone says it time for the Easter Bunny. Another way to find the answer is to determine the first Sunday after the first full moon, after the Spring Equinox.  When you figure that all out, it’ll be Easter Sunday every time.

Not too sure how the Easter Bunny got associated with Easter. But I’m not too sure about a lot of things, so guess that makes Peter Cotton Tail just part of the stuff I’m not too sure about. But Cadbury Eggs on the other hand, Cadbury Eggs, yap, I’m sure of ‘bout them fellers.

WOW!  Last week, did I ever get told in no uncertain terms that it was way past time that I allow Sophia The  Calico Conservative Republican Cat to once again speak her mind from the EastWing.

One of the most seething, I love that word, seething, emails I’ve received in a long time accused me of purposely limiting Sophia’s access to her Sunday Evening forum because she and her republicans  lost the national election.  And so I was accused of limiting Sophia’s access to the Sunday Evening gathering. I was accused of restraining Sophia The Cat. Shewwwww.

Give me a break here. Have you ever tried to limit a cat? Limiting a cat is much the same as herding cats. Cats don’t herd easy. In fact, herding cats is one of the single most difficult job on the whole planet. As Sophia sat on the back of my chair and read the thoughts, as my fingers brought words to screen, she smiled and whispered into my right ear, “Ya got that right,   we’re cats, we don’t herd.”

Sophia is doing fine and licking her political wounds in the EastWing. Disappointed at her election loss, but reconciled to the fact that a candidate who offers jobs verses a candidate who offers free stuff, then the free stuff guy will win forever with the voters who’s accustom to living off the free stuff. It’s kinda like sex, why pay for it, if you’re already getting it for free. And  that going to work part, why work, it’s free…….

Yet when it comes to “free stuff” from the government, somebody pays for it, somebody forever pays for other people’s free stuff  when the government passes out candy. Somebody pays. Keep in mind, that for every dollar collected by the government, somebody earned the dollar by their work. Then someone got the free stuff, without work.

It’s an ironical fact that to become a  citizen of the United States a person must pass a test to demonstrate knowledge of our form of government, the  history of the nation and  how our society functions.

While at  the same time if you are born in the United States, dropped out of school as soon as possible, can’t even read or write, know nothing except living off the social welfare system in this nation, and even if you sell drugs on the streets of Chicago, as your major source of income, then you have an equal voice in the selection process of choosing who is in charge of the government.


Should it turn out that you are the most manipulative piece of social carp this side of the south side, and you do fall victim to a community organizer who preys upon voters that have learned to survive off the “system”. You get to vote, no questions asked. The term low knowledge level voter has crept into the language as a result of voters who don’t even know the name of candidates. Yet they vote as they are told. Sad but true. Much the same as lemming marching off the cliff, they get to vote. The lemmings may have also voted before they took that last step.

Some time back I told you about how Sophia had somehow sensed a change in my health status and as such had changed how she reacted when I go to sleep at night. Then how she all of a sudden started laying close enough to my face to allow her whiskers to touch my face.

Well we’ve moved into a different phase of nightynight. Sophia has now determined that she will lay her head underneath my chin. I lay on my left side, Sophia lays on her left side. She tucks herself in underneath my chin. It’s not my choice. Remember that part ‘bout cats not herding easy? Well the same goes for when ya wanta go to sleep. Cats go to sleep the way cats want to go to sleep, not the way people want cats to go to sleep. Even in the darkness, cats don’t herd easy.

Now that we’re talking about cats, I gotta tell ya a story about Miss Kitty, the Black & White Princess Cat of RHCO INC. For all practical purposes, Miss Kitty is the official host of RHCO INC.  Last year a lady came to get her taxes prepared by RHCO INC, and her job happened to be a judge at nationally sanctioned cat shows. I didn’t even know they had cat shows.  Yes they do, but not as popular as dog shows.

Now this girl shows up at RHCO  for her tax appointment,  and true to course, Miss Kitty right away is in her face introducing herself as the official RHCO Greeter. The lady picks up Miss Kitty and right off recognizes that Miss Kitty has polydactyl feet. Now that just means that Miss Kitty has more paws than most cats. And then she realized that Miss Kitty has a perfect all four paw match of polydactyly.

Now just in case you’ve never heard of polydactyly, it’s what people call cats with thumbs. It’s a congenital abnormality, genetically inherited as an autosomal dominant trait of the Pd gene with incomplete penetrance. Now that’s a big scientific explanation for what people call cats with thumbs. Miss Kitty, well, Miss Kitty has all four and they’re perfectly matched. To see a cat with two front paws polydactyl is rare. To see a cat with any back paws polydactyl is even more rare. To see a cat with four perfect matched paws polydactyl is the most rare of rare. And so it is that Miss Kitty walks into the sunshine of the most  rare of the rare. A cat for the ages.

The lady got real excited and says “Would you consider selling this animal?” “Why no, that’s my cat” I said. She says, “Would consider using her as breeding stock?”  I tell the girl, “If Miss Kitty has babies, it will be the second  Immaculate Conception.  Miss Kitty has been fixed for years.”

A few weeks ago, the girl came back to have this year’s taxes prepared for 2012. Once again Miss Kitty was in her face as soon as she sat down. She picked up Miss Kitty, smiled and said “you still won’t sell her will ya?” I just smiled back.  Words were not necessary at that point. Smiles spoke out loud.  Now Just so the world knows, Miss Kitty is not for sale at any price.  But at the very least, I should have asked the offer to buy price. Just to know the street value of Miss Kitty, a cat with thumbs, all four thumbs. Have ya ever heard the expression “all thumbs”?  Miss Kitty is all four thumbs.

At the EastWing, some things are just not for sale. Now for that feller who said everything in life is for sale, the only thing left it agreeing upon the price. He never tried to buy Miss Kitty, or for that matter the EastWing Chickens. Especially the Tip Top Chickens At The EastWing. Some things I just don’t sale at any price, not at the EastWing.

This year the very last day of winter was one of the most miserable days of the whole winter. A high temperature of only 32° and an all day wind of not less than 25 mph. A cold miserable day for sure. All day long people were coming into the RHCO Office  complaining about how cold and windy it was outside. A cold miserable day for sure. Such a fitting day for the end of winter.

By 11:00 at the AM I decided to take the high road for the rest of the day. From that time on, before anyone could start to complain about the outside weather, I said “Sure bet you’re like me, glad this is the last day of winter, ‘cause I’ve had enough of this cold weather crap.” They always agreed and we then talked of other things.  With one client, I even talked about the fun of shooting BB Guns in the Springtime. And it was fun, to both to talk about as well as shoot. I’ve still got my Red Rider. And still shoot.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

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I wish you well,