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Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Ya ever notice how cats just don’t seem to give a damn about most things people hold dear? And then sometimes your cat gives ya the impression they don’t even like you very much either, and then in the next minute wants all the attention you have to give to the whole world? Cats whata ya gona do!

Now for those who choose to spend their lives without cats being involved, you don’t know what I’m talking about, those who’ve chosen to invite cats into your lives, ya know. You just gotta be around cats to know what I’m talking ‘bout.

Cats are truly independent minded animals and as such, we as people find ‘em fascinating creatures to be around. I Hang out with cats, got more cats than babies. Four babies,(I count my pretty daughter-in-law, Jaimie as one of my babies) so that’s how I get four, and 14 cats. ‘Course not all those cats live in the EastWing. At RHCO Inc. we have Miss Kitty and Little Brother, the Black & Whites of the office. In the EastWing we have Spike The Man Cat, and of course, Sophia. In addition to my 4 inside cats I have 10 cats who live outside the EastWing. They live in Kitty City just outside the north glass wall of the EastWing.

One of the really neat things about what I do in the EastWing is, there’s always someone who’ll have an opinion about what I say, or maybe more importantly, about what I don’t say. The case in point being, last week I got an unusually long email admonishing me for not writing about Sophia, The Republican Cat. For not making people aware that Sophia was doing well, after the sudden death of the Pup Baby. The email writer was fearful that Sophia could possibly be losing some of her self esteem by not being mentioned from the EastWing here of late. The lady also expressed concern on how all this would play out on Sophia’s long term mental health.

She offered to take Sophia off my hands if I no longer wanted her in the EastWing. Noting that I’d lost one dog and gotten another and hadn’t really spent any time alone with just me and Sophia, she felt obligated to offer Sophia a kind, warm home for the rest of her life. A Place where she would be pampered and loved, a place where Sophia would not have to compete with dogs for attention.

Just in case someone else had concerns for Sophia’s well being, let me assure you she’s well and sassy as ever. The main reason Sophia’s not been making the news from the EastWing of late is she’s not been in the EastWing too much since the Indiana Primary Election. She’s been on the campaign trail with the CCCOA.

Sophia, as the National Spokes Cat for the CCCOA (Conservative Calico Cats of America) has been kept rather busy this primary season. In fact Sophia, just yesterday, got home from the Wisconsin election of last Tuesday. When asked why it took three days to get home from Wisconsin. Sophia smiled at me and said, “ Party Time with the Badgers”

By the time Sophia got home from the Wisconsin Campaign, she was one tired little Calico. But when Sophia walked into the EastWing, ya didn’t have to ask who won in Wisconsin. You could just tell by the cat walk, just by the cat walk, you could tell she got ‘er done. I’m telling ya, that cat walks with swagger, no matter how tired, she does that walk, and a smile that could melt the heart of a community organizer.

Sophia said she’d been into every Cathouse in Wisconsin, from Kenosha to Superior and from Lancaster to Sturgeon Bay and everything in between. For those in the know, that pretty much covers the State of Wisconsin. But said her proudest accomplishment was not visiting all the Cathouses in Wisconsin, but delivering the Conservative Calico Cat Vote to Governor Walker.

While the Tea Party claimed 91% voting for the Governor, Sophia claimed 100% +1 voting for Governor Walker. It turns out that Wisconsin has a same day register to vote law. So Sophia registered to vote on Tuesday morning, voted Tuesday afternoon, then came home Saturday. Said she’s already up there, so might just as well vote. And they let her vote up there in Wisconsin. Told me she used the Barbara’s address in New Franken as her WI home address. Damn Republican Cat.

Did ya by chance see the spectacle of Venus passing by the sun the other day? As a amateur star gazer, I’m always worried when the national news starts putting out stories about things that have to do with the sun. It’s one thing to tell everyone to go outside and look at an eclipse of the moon. It’s another thing all together to talk about events involving the sun.

Too many people have been blinded for life by looking directly into the sun. Even a few seconds will be the last few seconds of sight you will remember for the rest of your life. So when I asked did you see Venus pass by the sun, I for sure was hopping you were reading this and not having it read to you. ‘Cause if someone is reading to ya, my message is too late. The message is simple. Never look upon the surface of the sun.

It can be done, that looking at the sun stuff. And yes I can look at the sun. Through the telescope even. when brother Ed got me the telescope, he also made sure I had the equipment so I’d not go blind by doing something dumb like looking at the sun. I’ve got the sun filters necessary to look into the sun.

So a few days ago, when the time was right, I set up the telescope, put the special sun filter in place, and watched as Venus seemed to march across the face of the sun. It was a long trip because Venus is little and the sun is big. It took the better part of a day. I seldom stargaze in the day time. On rare occasions you can look at the moon in the daylight, but seldom anything else. Venus crossing the path of the sun from my prospective was truly one on those “once in a life time events”. The next time such an occurrence will come back around is in the year 2117. I’m not sure if I’ll be around, and if I am, I’ll probably be busy.

Didn’t stargaze much at all last winter. Don’t know why, just didn’t have the desire to set up the telescope and put forth the effort to get ‘er done. It’s different when ya stargaze alone.Brother Ed and I had worked out such a really neat system of stargazing, and now, doing all the stargazing by myself, it’s just not so much fun anymore.

When Ed and I stargazed, I’d set up my telescope either in the front gardens or on the north deck, or the west gardens, it really didn’t matter, cause the sky’s too big to be picky, ya just looked at whatever part ya wanted to start and so ya started. Using two laptop computers on my end, we’d stargaze. One laptop controlled my telescope, the other laptop was in webcam contact with Ed in Roswell GA.

When I’d look at something in my telescope, I’d give Ed the coordinates in the sky by way of the second computer. Ed would input such data into the program Google Sky on his computer, and he’d have on his computer, usually a much better picture than I had in my telescope. Ed’s view came from the Hubble Telescope, which was a bit larger than mine. Ed and I had lots of fun when we stargazed. Me in Indiana, Ed in Roswell GA. While looking at the same thing is space. Guess that stargazing by computer was the last fun thing Ed and I shared. It was such a time. Stargazing by yourself in Indiana’s not so much fun anymore. I stargaze less than I used to. Way less than me and Ed used to, that’s for sure.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

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I wish you well,