Changing Schedules, Good Candy-Bad Candy, Eating Dog & Bragging, Short Sleeve Shirts & Hoodies, Cutting Grass, Bull Dozer & Mr. Lincoln

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.
Another tax filing season comes to an end. Another reason to thank God for the life live. If ya stop and think about it, if you could pick and choose what time of the year that you would have to work day and night, seven days a week, what would you pick?
Why the winter time of course! Nothing to do outside anyways. Short days, long nights, might just as well work. And so I do. Long into the nighttime of winter. The cold of winter matters not if your job keeps you inside, and mine does.
Then along comes April, the world turns green, everybody wants to go outside and play. I go outside and play. For the rest of the year, after the rush of the tax filing season is completed,  almost all my work can be scheduled around the times I want it to be. My payroll work is predetermined to be Thursday and Friday. the routine accounting work is then scheduled for two nine hour days around the payrolls on Thursdays and Fridays.   
Now are you ready for this? I’m telling ya, for the rest of the year, it’s a 5 day weekend! Is that sweet or what? When ya look at it that way, working 16 hr days in January,  February, March, and half of April, well,  it’s a good trade off for the rest of the year.
90% Cocoa caught my eye at the checkout counter at CVS. It started at  60, 70, 80 and 90% Cocoa. Well beings that I like chocolate I decided to go for the one labeled “LINDT EXCELLENCE 90% COCOA” Unless you are tuff enough to eat cocoa right out of that Hershey’s Cocoa can, the one where the sides are made of paper and the bottom and lid are made of metal, yeah, that can, ya better stick with the 60 or 70% kind. 90% is way  too bitter for me. Oh well live and learn, even about 90% Cocoa.  I thought if 80% is good, 90% will be better, was not  better,  was bitter.   It’s amazing how, in the chocolate candy world, a single letter like e to i  can spell the difference between good and yuk.
Sophia the Conservative Calico Republican Cat has been surprisingly quiet while this republican primary season plays out. That all ended the other day when one of President Obama’s main operatives, David Axelrod, continued to push the issue of Mitt Romney   transporting a dog in a carrier on top of a car. It turns out that President Obama  never transported a dog on top of a car. But he has eaten a dog.
He said so himself, he even described how dog meat tasted. And no, he didn’t make any comparison to chicken. But I bet he wishes he’d never spoken those lines for his book.  Yet at the time, I’m sure, he thought it was a really cool thing to say. Sorta like a  “I ate dog and you didn’t” , kinda thing.  That just goes to show ya, the old saying “If ya eat dog, it’ll come back and bite ya in another life” must be right. Bark, bark, woof, woof, down boy. I wonder what else that guy ate that he didn’t tell us about?  Surly not that……No, no, oh no, surly not that…. But ya gotta wonder…. Some do.
Well the news of the president admitting that he ate dog meat had hardly been reported by 
CNN, when Sophia began tweeting the President’s Chef at the White House, proposing  The Pup Baby, Gray Lady James, and Bentley be the main course for the very next official State Dinner hosted by President Obama.
Sophia suggested  the White House Chef  tell the secret service people to come by and pick up the 2girldogs and Bentley any time at the EastWing. She also suggested a little rest and relaxation for the secret service workers, by visiting the Wooden Nickel in North Judson. Sophia said the Nickel may not be as lively as some of the places visited by the secret service of late, but it’s the wildest we got going at the local level, good pizza at the Wooden Nickel in downtown North Judson.  Sophia has not yet told the 2girldogs or Bentley about her trying to arrange ‘em a trip out of town.  Damn Republican Cat.
Did the weather change last Thursday catch ya by surprise the way it did me? Got up Thursday morning, looked outside into bright sunshine. Checked the temperature and saw it was 65° Now at the EastWing, when it’s 65° at 6:30 in the AM and the wind is from the south, well that’s a short sleeve kinda day for sure. I almost wore short pants but couldn’t find the ones I had in mind.
At noon I started across the street to have lunch with the She.  Well, I damn near froze  just crossing Lane Street.  A 24° drop in temperature and a wind shift from the north made the short sleeve shirt feel out of tune and out of time to say the least.
The Gods of Dumb Dressers for Springtime Weather smiled upon me that cold windy Thursday at noontime. As I shivered in my short sleeve shirt, the She offered me a heavy duty hoodie.   That was one thing I did not decline. The hoodie saved my Thursday. Got home that late Thursday afternoon and kept the hoodie on till bed time. Good thing I got regular PJ’s   else me and that hoodie, well, me and that hoodie, we’d for sure have been rolled into one big nighty night…..
Guess the next time I want to wear short sleeve shirt before May 1st I’ll look at both the temperature and the weather forecast. Now one additional back up has already been put into place, the hoodie has been relocated to the back room of the office of RHCO INC. Hoodies are handy. I didn’t even tell ya, my hoodie has a hand warmer pocket. Why you can put  both hands into the hand warmer pocket and twiddle your  thumbs and nobody would ever know. I tried, they didn’t know.
Yesterday I cut the grass for the first time at the EastWing. Most everybody else has been cutting grass for two weeks, not me. I had a reason, too busy at work. Now that excuse has run its course so I’m relegated to being lawn boy of the EastWing  once again. It don’t pay a lot but the title is kinda cool.
I like cutting grass. It gives me a chance to operate heavy equipment. I always thought it would be fun to run a bull dozer, never had a chance, just thought it would be fun. The largest machine I ever operate is Mr. Lincoln, and he’s kinda easy.
It was a sense right out of “Wild Kingdom” as it played out along the roadside  out there beyond the front gardens of the EastWing, along 800 South. I look up and a baby wood duck is walking down the road. Have no idea where the baby duck came from, it was just out there walking down the road. It’s easy to tell a duck, ‘cause if it walks like… and sounds like…. Even little quacks, and little waddles tell the tail.
The little waddle, that little waddle caught the attention of Spike The Man Cat who just so happened to be outside playing in the new mown grass. The most basic instincts  of The Man Cat came to the forefront. In the jungle, the mighty jungle, a lion walked the front gardens of the EastWing. A man cat.
Stay safe in Afghanistan.
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