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Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Ya gotta love it when people say “Wow, where’d all the time go? Wow, where’d all the year go? Wow, where’d all my life go? Wow ”. Never suspecting it all went away one second at a time. Guess it’s the “wow” time. Many ending up never knowing where the time went. What’s really interesting along these lines of thought, It’s the same people every year wondering the same thing. Never finding answers to the questions, never knowing the cause, yet always wondering never the less. Wow. It’s just that “WOW” time of the year.

And so it is with the new year fast approaching, all the successes, and all the failures of 2012 are soon scheduled to fade into our memory of things that used to be, along with things that could have been. The deeper they dissolve into the back roads of our memory, the more spectacular the successes become, and the less important the failures were to begin with. Now maybe, just maybe, that’s the way they all should’ve played out in real time. Their real time was the sunshine of their life, but their glory, now their glory, will most assuredly shine brighter from the back roads. Much like fine wine, memories, such precious memories, get better with age.

Got lots of comments concerning Mr. Bentley, President of Pit Bull Inc. Provider of Home Land Security at the EastWing, and his handling of the situation with the intruder who made the mistake of entering the “EastWing Kill Zone”, the perimeters of which were established by Pit Bull Inc. To summarize the outcome of that incident very briefly, Mr. Bentley “Got-‘er-Done”

No, Mr. Bentley is not available to provide Home Land Security at other locations. Nor does Pit Bull Inc. have and future plans to expand into other parts of the country, such as Dallas TX. Mr. Bentley has an exclusive contract to provide such service only at the EastWing. That being said, I can share with you some of the details of the EastWing contract with Pit Bull Inc.

In exchange for complete Home Land Security at the EastWing, Mr. Bentley is to receive full room and board plus Zero Deductable Medical and Dental. That, along with an every morning, cold hot dog treat provided by the She. Said hotdog to be broken into four equal bites, presented before breakfast is prepared for anyone in the house. Plus Mr. Bentley is to receive a minimum of 10 hugs per day along with an unlimited amount of “Bentley, you’re such a good boy” statements from both me and the She.

Also Mr. Bentley is to receive a minimum of two baths per week, unless circumstances of the job dictate a more frequent bathing schedule. In addition to the above, Mr. Bentley is allowed to sleep at the foot of the bed, should he choose to do so. And as of this writing, Mr. Bentley has exercised that option on a nightly basis. On the downside of the contract, Mr. Bentley is to be on duty 24/7. There’s no vacation cause in the contract, nor overtime pay for Mr. Bentley.

Other drawbacks of Mr. Bentley’s contract to provide Home Land Security at the EastWing include his having to suffer the curse of Sophia, The Republican Cat, along with Spike The Man Cat. Of the two, Spike The Man Cat being the worst of the lot. Spike attacking Mr. Bentley for no know reason on Earth is not out of the ordinary. Mr. Bentleys personality being more along the lines of “Lambert The Sheepish Lion”, has difficulty dealing with the 17 lb. Man Cat. Spike, on the other hand, has no problem jumping on the President of Pit Bull Inc. for no reason, other than he just can. And so he does.

Overall, Mr. Bentley and Spike, well, Mr. Bentley and Spike, they’ve worked out a unique dog/cat relationship. The Man Cat walks up to Mr. Bentley and does that cat rubbing thing on his front legs. Then 30 minutes later when Mr. Bentley is laying asleep, the Man Cat bites his ear. It’s a dog/cat thing. I somehow believe they do enjoy each other’s company. Did ya ever see a Pit Bull smile when he get bit on his ear. Mr. Bentley smiles when The Man Cat bites his ear. But he don’t laugh out loud.

One of the things I’ve learned in this year 2012 is, in our society, we will put forth every effort to not offend anyone, except God.

Now just think about that for a little while. We try our best not offend anyone, except God.

Then in a time of mass tragedy, a time of unspeakable horror, a time when the devil himself, walks the hall ways of public education, what do the teachers do, while desperately trying to protect the babies left in their charge? They’re forced to violate Federal Law. They’re forced to violate State Law. They’re forced to violate School Board Policy.

They prayed to God. In the presence of their own students, while they, and all the babies around them were in harm’s way, the teachers prayed to God. They asked God’s help and protection in such panic-stricken times of trouble. They prayed to God.

Another interesting thought when comparing two government institutions that house citizens of our society. One encourages the reading of the bible, the other forbids the bible to be present in the building. The Federal Prison System encourages the reading of the bible by all inmates. And yes, it’s sad to say, but it’s our Public School System that will not allow a child to stand and read a bible while in any public school building.

It just seems to me that if those two rules were reversed, just maybe, society could be better served. Maybe if children read the bible in school, there would be less need to do so in the Federal Prison System. Maybe too, there would be less violence in the Public School Systems. Don’t know for sure, but it’s one of those things worth trying, after all, what we’re doing is not working well in either house, Federal Prison or Public School.

Does that speak volumes of a society in moral decay, or what? A nation of laws that has a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $250,000.00 fine for destroying the unborn eggs (babies) of an American Bald Eagle. We’re the same nation of laws, the same society, the same people, that condones the death and destruction of unborn human(eggs) babies. Too bad we don’t reproduce by Eagle Eggs. Maybe we’d stand a better chance of long term survival into the future.

Now I’m not joking about that long term survival statement. Don’t know if you’re aware or not, but the birth rate Vs the death rate in the United States is slanted to the death side. Yeah, I’m telling ya right up, the live births rate in our society will not be sufficient to continue to sustain life in this nation as we now know it.

The Japanese People have an even more acute issue of live birth rate Vs death rate. In Japan, there’s already some serious questions whether that people can, in fact, reverse the trend, or will they, by their own decisions not to reproduce, become extinct . All the while, in our own society, we’re trending in the same direction.

I expect there will come a time in the future, not in my lifetime, but maybe in the lifetime of my babies, both the Japanese and our own Federal Government will offer some form of incentives for those women who produce live additions to our society. And I’m betting that the live addition to society will have to have been produced by a married man and a woman.

That little ringer in the program, will address the current issue of single parent birth as high as 70+% in some of the urban neighborhoods in our nation. In those neighborhoods it’s wham-bam-thank-you-madam-I’m-out-of-town. Then the new mother get another $600.00 per month on her welfare check, for the new dependent. Guess, in a fashion, that’s an incentive to reproduce, just not the incentive I had in mind.

But for now it’s the Eagle Eggs that we’ll protect. Yep, we gotta make damn sure that you don’t mess with those Eagle Eggs, else we’ll put your ass in jail, and take all your money. And oh yeah, I didn’t even get started ‘bout that little frog ole out there in a western state along the Colorado River that has to be saved at the expense of providing potable water to millions of people in several surrounding states. Now if ya kill one of those little frogs, ya get to be in the same prison cell with the feller that broke the Eagle Egg.

Have we as a people forgotten that throughout the fossil history of this planet, there have forever been species that lived, died and became extinct? The little frog out there along the Colorado River, maybe, just maybe, it’s their time to become extinct. I don’t know that, yet think it may be so. The Japanese People, maybe, the American People, maybe??? (sure hope not, but maybe) Such scary things to think about as a year comes to an end. Nevertheless we can all find such solace in the fact that we’ll go to the ends of the earth to save fertilized eggs. Only those of selected species. A species not our own.

It’s right here that I stand in defense of the rights of the unborn babies (eggs) of humans. And I take my EastWing Forum to do so. At this point many would expect me to put forth the argument based on my Catholic Faith. For this point to be made and be supported by reason, there is no need to introduce religion into the fray. Today I stand in defense of the unborn babies of humans because I do understand the simple fact that any government which views some lives as expendable is capable of viewing all lives as expendable. Again, just think about that little ditty for a while, and I’m sure, we’ll talk about that again.

Not to worry, my faith in humanity is still present, based on all the email comments this past week about the EastWing Christmas Tree and the Three Wise Chickens. Yeah, I’m telling ya, the Three Wise Chickens, well, those chickens have become a standard under the Christmas Tree at the EastWing.

There was a little additional surprise under that Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve. After the She had wrapped and placed all the presents under the EastWing Christmas Tree, the presents for the babies. Later on Christmas Eve Evening, I added, under the Christmas Tree,Three French Hens. I’ve never seen such happy Wise Chickens.

It’s hard not to love a chicken named Groucho. And Groucho said “I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the TV, I go into the other room and read a book”. Additional words of wisdom from just one of the Three Wise Chickens.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

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