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Greetings to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Some of the little things people give up for the pleasure of the quiet life of country living are “city services”. Potable water on demand without owning a well. A cement path to walk along  beside the roadway. A bathroom without a septic tank. A trip  from home to the grocery store, or the post office, or the bank, or the florist, or the bakery, or the hardware store, all without driving a car. These are just few of the little things ya throw away for the pleasure of living in the country.

Some of the big things a person gains by living in the country are, space between me and thee. The sound of silence. Darkness of the nighttime.  Clean air to breath. A world that’s summertime green. That special smell of  springtime. Hearing corn grow. And, oh yes,  sunshine on your pillow.

Now I don’t care what ya say, that springtime smell, it just doesn’t happen in the city. Been there, didn’t smell that. When it was time to have smelled like springtime, it still smelled like big city.  And yes, ya can hear corn grow. At nighttime in the summer, it pops. No I’m not talking about pop corn, regular corn makes a small snapping like sound as it grows in the darkness, while at the same time it’s stretching into tomorrow’s sunshine that’s gona be on your pillow when ya wake up in the morning in the country.

From time to time, these country living advantages take a turn to the dark side when ya least expect it. The new year was not yet a week old when  the She came into the EastWing and said “We’ve got a problem. The downstairs bathroom has backed up.” In the country that means Trouble with a capital T and that rimes with P and that smells of Poo.

When I went downstairs to the WestWing,  yes, we did have Trouble with a Capital T, me and the She.  It was a Sunday evening , and the folks who fix such problems for people like me and you, well, they don’t like to fix ‘em on Sunday evenings. Yet I made the call, ‘cause I’ve developed a good working relationship with a company who does fix such problems for people like me and you, and this sorta poo. Did I say YUK yet? If not, YUK!

It was Kevin from DS&S over at Knox IN, who told me he would come right then if I wanted him to, but would much rather wait until daylight the next morning to resolve the problem. Because it is so much harder to work in the dark for this kinda thing. He assured me he knew what needed to be done to fix matters and  guaranteed he would have people in the north gardens no later than 7:30 AM to address the problem of the YUK of the EastWing.

The 19° outside air along with a 10 mph wind touched my face at 4:00 AM that  Monday morning as the wind brought back memories of a much harder lifestyle.  When going to pee involved coats, caps and gloves, ya remembered those hard times in your life, from times gone by. But more importantly, you get a new appreciation all over again for some of the more simple things in life. While at the same time reminding yourself to never take anything in life for granted, even your indoor plumbing. As life goes on, things change.

Within minutes of 7:00 AM I received a phone call from Kevin, telling me that DS&S was on the road, and rolling my way. Too bad I couldn’t wait. Nature called.  Me and Mr. Lincoln, we went to town and said good morning to Miss Kitty and Little Brother at RHCO INC., and took care of  other matters of priority early in the office that morning before normal business hours. By the time I got back to the EastWing, DS&S was on site and doing what DS&S does best.

It took just ‘bout an hour, then once again the arms of tranquility  engulfed  to the EastWing. Such a small price to pay for the pleasure of living in the country. The space between me and thee. The sound of silence. Darkness of the nighttime.  Clean air to breath and oh yes, sunshine on your pillow. That special smell of the springtime air. It’s all worth it,  even if ya have to pay to  have your septic tank pumped out from time to time.

DS&S said I should do that every three years. Best me and the She could figure it’d been ‘bout 8-10 years. I’m gona  mark that on the calendar. It’s a small price to pay. Only those who’ve  lived in the country can know the pleasure of country living, or the willingness to pay the price for the services of DS&S.

A while back I wrote about dancing in the rain. Last week I was asked what I was talking about. Well, another way to look at it is, “Some people feel the rain, while others only feel the wet”. The difference between feeling the rain and feeling the wet is much the same as daylight and dark. Just the same as life it’s self. Your cup is half full or, if you prefer, a half empty cup.

It’s your point of view. You feel the rain, it makes ya happy, ya feel only the wet, it makes ya cold. Choices in life are never ending, just never ending.  When your cup’s half full, you’re happy. When it’s half empty, you feel the wet. And every day of your life you’re making such choices.

Those choices made mold the way ya look at life. The way ya look at things truly depends on your point of view. Your choices guide your life,  and determine the direction of the volume of your cup. It’s awfully easy to hate a rose bush because it has such sharp thorns. It’s awfully easy to love a rose bush because it produces such a beautiful flower.

Guess after all’s said and done, the rose bush, well, that rose bush is pretty much the same as dancing in the rain with your cup. You feel the rain, smell the roses, and fill your cup with the water, insert the rose and allow yourself  the pleasure of enjoying your  rose for  yet another day.

But there’ll always be those poor souls in life who just forever insist on being wet, with a half empty cup, and a thorn stuck in their finger. My Mama had a saying she’d use for people like that. My Mama would tell ‘em  “Whatever floats your boat”.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

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I Wish You Well,