Crazy Things That Make Ya Scream, Apple & The Mouse, Guns & Government, Drugs & Alcohol & Elliot Ness & The Candy Men, Not A Colt 46

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Have ya ever noticed how some things just seem to be so very, very wrong in our society? Yet everyday people, people like me and you, well, me and you, we’re just too lazy to do anything about it. And so we live with it.  I’m talking ‘bout things that if ya rally stop and think about it for any amount of time, it’ll make ya scream with anger. Yet we just set by  and tolerate ‘em in our everyday life.  Mostly because we don’t think it has a direct effect on our life at this moment. But the more ya think about it, the more ya wanta…….…….


Such things as: When a child has to have a parents signature to go on a school field trip, but no parent signature is required  for the same thirteen year old girl to get an abortion. Hard to believe, but it’s true in our society today. Is that part of being “progressive” as opposed to “conservative”?


An 80 year old woman can be strip searched by the Transportation Security Administration Officers at any U. S. Airport. But a Muslim woman of any age, in a burka, is only subject to having her neck and head searched. Not even a citizen of our country, and we give one wearing a burka a pass. Too bad the 80 year old woman didn’t wear a burka, then she wouldn’t have  had to pull her pants down for the TSA Officer to take a look.


You can get arrested for expired license plates  on a car, but not arrested for being in the United States illegally. That statement speaks for it’s self.


The government believes that the best way to eliminate trillions of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more  dollars. I’m and accountant, and that just don’t add up, at least not on my abacus.


When a seven year old boy is sent home from school for calling his teacher “cute” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class in grade school ok. Then a 6 year old girl is suspended from kindergarten for  10 days and classified as a terrorist because she said she had a bubble gum gun. Now the little girl didn’t have one in her hand, just told another little girl she had one. The school officially labeled the little girl a “terrorist” according to the rules of that kindergarten school. Want to know the problems with public education in our society? This may be one place to start looking for the answer.


The Supreme Court of the United States rules that lower courts cannot display the 10 Commandments in their courtroom, all the while the Supreme Court is sitting in front of a display of the 10 Commandments in their court room.


The government’s plan for getting people back to work is to provide 99 weeks of unemployment income. I can’t help but wonder if almost 2 full years of free money  is a good motivation not to look for work, at least for a year and a half or so.


Parents who believe the State is responsible for providing for their children. While we have national political figures saying “It takes a village to raise a child”.  I believe it takes one father and / or  one mother to raise a child. And sometimes maybe with a Grandma or two in there for backup. Takes a village? Shewwwww. Give me a break here, dumbo.



Knowing your government can add chemicals to your kid’s water (fluoride, chlorine, etc.) but you’re not allowed to give your child raw milk.


What’s so truly interesting about all of the above items I’ve listed  here that should be your reason to be concerned. They’ve all come from news media head-lines I’ve read within the last four weeks.


One thing ya gotta remember, Apple didn’t invent the original point and click interface. No, it was not Apple and the Mouse. It was Samuel Colt. The Original Point & Click Interface, a  Colt 45.


Gun control is such a hot topic in our society at the moment. Part of our society is making every effort to display gun ownership as antisocial and the other part of our society is saying “How about the Second Amendment?”


Now I’m not a “Gun Guy” so in a sense, I have no horse in the race. However common sense tells me that this nation has, for well over 200 years, enjoyed the “Right to bear arms”.  And for any current or future political affiliation to attempt to infringe upon that “Right to bear arms” will invite the most massive reaction this nation has ever witnessed.


Don’t believe me, just ask those folks in Texas. And everybody knows, ya don’t mess with Texas.


What’s really interesting in this gun vs. non gun debate is for all those who support the concept of no guns available in our society, not a single one of the anti-gun supporters will ever allow a sign to be placed in front of their house simply saying  “THIS HOME IS A GUN FREE ZONE”.


I don’t think I’d mind putting such a sign at the EastWing. Only I’d insist on adding a couple more lines,  Line 1 would say “THIS PROPERTY IS SECURED BY PIT BULL INC.”  Line 2 would simply say “COME ON IN PUNK, MAKE MY DAY.”


When Mr. Bentley read that, he laughed and offered to make the sign. Mr. Bentley especially liked that part ‘bout come on in punk. At the EastWing, Pit Bull Inc. has established a defensive “kill zone”. A line of demarcation which only the foolish would dare step across. From the time Homeland Security has been provided by Pit Bull Inc., there has never been an intruder who has crossed that line in both directions. Pit Bull Inc., a good security force indeed. “Come on in punk, make my day”. So says the sign at the EastWing. With Mr. Bentley waiting inside the zone.


Another interesting point in this anti gun debate,  seems those who are most vocal in support of limiting the availability of guns into society,  tend to be  the ones who are most apt to be protected in public by guards carrying guns. Equally interesting when examining the actual record of gun violence in relationship to current gun control laws, is the adverse affect of gun control laws on gun violence. The record supports this fact, limit the guns, increase the gun violence. This is a fact of record which is never brought forth in the discussion of gun control. Thank you liberal news media for choosing not to highlight the fact.


Chicago ILL being a classic example of the negative effects of gun control. There are so many gun deaths in Chicago, it no longer garners national attention. Chicago has one on the most restrictive gun control laws in the nation. Chicago is among the leaders in the nation in gun related deaths. It’s a sad state of affairs when death by gun shot is so common in Chicago, it’s not  even routinely a part of the local news.  And the latest attempt by Chicago to pass the buck on why so many people are killed by guns in Chicago, they get to buy ‘em in Indiana. Damn Hoosier, it’s the fault of the state of Indiana that so many people are killed in Chicago by gun shot.


An interesting statistic in the gun violence in the City of Chicago. Should one dwell into the demographics of the gun violence in that city, you’ll be amazed. Chicago is not a violent city of gun deaths out of control thru out the city. Chicago has a small pocket, within the city, where death and destruction walk the streets both day and night. For my long time friends of the EastWing, you’ll recall that Sophia, The Conservative Calico Republican Cat also came from the south side of Chicago, from the land of Leroy Brown.


As I said earlier, I’m not a gun guy, so I feel I can look at the issue of gun control from a different prospective than some. The number of times I’ve sot guns in my life can be counted on one hand with fingers left over for counting other stuff. With that being said, if anyone who supports any type of gun control laws really believes that  the criminal element in our society will abide by such laws, well, I’m sorry honey, but to believe that, you have to be a very special type of stupid.


All the while those folks in Washington spend their time trying to introduce a bill to limit “Assault Weapons”  while in 2012, not a single victim of the well over 500 deaths by gun shot in Chicago were the result of “Assault Weapons”. The same holds true for the top 10 cities of gun violence. Assault Weapons have been grabbed by the news media, and the  congress. Yet the revolver does the killing in those neighborhoods, where the killings do occur.  So  is the answer to the issue of society gaining weight, a ban on the Big Mack, or blame it on KFC?  By the way, do ya want fries with that?


Our Federal Government has an appalling  tract record of fixingg problems in society. Nobody can even calculate the amount of money, man hours and resources  spent on the “War On Drugs” If that same amount of resources had been spent on medical research, we probably would’ve cured every disease know to mankind.  And oh, by the way, the largest single social dilemma we as a people have to deal with in our society today, it’s the illegal use of drugs.


I guess the president who set up that “War On Drugs” sure knew how to solve society’s tribulations. Thank you President Nixon. Not only for the Watergate thing, but also your War on Drugs. You sure knew how to do things up right. Dumb Sum Bitch Republican, Nixon.


That’s right, I didn’t even talk about the Federal Government’s attempt at controlling the manufacturing, sale, and use of alcohol by the people. I’m not gona say anything ‘bout that ‘cause it’s been played out  too much already on TV. Elliot Ness and the Untouchables, well, they busted up  way to many illegal alcohol stills, and the whisky still got to the end consumer who demanded the product.


One of the things that makes this country great is, when we as a people demand the product, the product is delivered. Legal or illegal, we don’t care, when the demand is there, the supply will meet the demand, government be damned.


One of the lesser known facts about the time in our history when it was illegal to sale alcohol, it was legal for a doctor to prescribe alcohol for medical purposes. Those who could afford it, simply went to their doctor and requested a prescription to purchase the whisky at the local pharmacy. Many doctors were more than willing to accommodate that request. After all, ya just never wanted to loose a good paying customer, oh, excuse me,  I mean patient. Whisky River Flood My Soul.


Nothing has changed today, a major, major portion of the drug abuse in our society is not the drugs getting all the attention on the nightly news. No, it’s the illegal use of legal drugs, written by weak willed doctors who don’t have the guts to tell people, “Get the hell out of my office and don’t come back till you’re really sick”. I do know some doctors right here in Starke County Indiana who do have the guts to say just that to a patient who tries to self prescribe their pharmacy needs. These two guys are the exception, not the rule. Gutsy docs are kinda hard to find now days. Too bad.


There are also some doctors, in Starke County Indiana, who are called the “Candy Men” by the folks who walk on the dark side of society. Sad but true. Drugs and guns and “Candy Men” sometimes go hand in hand in this “War on Drugs” at both the national level and right here at home. And all the while, we the people pray for relief from this war on drugs.


Recently a mother in Indiana was asked why she had a Colt 45 to protect her babies. Her reply, “They don’t make a Colt 46”.  BANG!


Stay safe in Afghanistan.


From the EastWing, Crazy Things That Make Ya Scream, Apple & The Mouse, Guns & Government, Drugs & Alcohol & Elliot Ness & The Candy Men, Not A Colt 46


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