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Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Now that both the Republican and Democrat Conventions are history, it’s up to us. We the people will make up our minds and select a President come November. Between now and Election Day, we’ll be subjected to every bad word and thought that can be conjured up about these two men.

Some words will be true, most will be false, and a vast majority will be downright lies. Lies skillfully designed and presented in such a way to turn us away from the truth. Few things in our society can corrupt more than political power. You’d have to put the pursuit of political power in the same trick box of corruption.

The Republicans will try to convince us that we’re going to hell in a hand basket. The Democrats will try to convince us that they’re trying their damnest to fix that hand basket before we get burnt in the fires of hell.

The Republicans will make sure we all know that no other president in the history of this nation has ever spent four years blaming the previous president. The Democrats will make sure we know that no other president followed George W Bush.

The Democrats will make sure we understand that the change in their platform was not due to the Republican criticism but rather a clarification of the language. The Republicans will make sure we all know that a floor fight at the convention was necessary to include the words God and Israel along with Jerusalem into the Democratic Platform. And on three called voice votes, at least 50% voted no for God and Jerusalem on the Democratic Convention Floor in 2012, and the chairman labeled it a 2/3 majority on the voice vote.

The Democrats will make sure we all know that the Republican Candidate paid a smaller percentage of tax than those of middle class tax payers. The Republicans will make sure we all know that the top 10% of the taxpayers pay 80% of the federal income collected by the government. While the bottom 50% of the taxpayers, pay no federal income tax at all.

The Democrats will insist that the Republicans hate women, old people, young people, babies, and gays. The Republicans will insist that the Democrats are using scare tactics, hate and fear tactics and playing the race card to stay in office, and trying to divide the voting public by fear.

The Democrats will insist that it’s our God Given Right, as a people, for the government to provide our food, medical care, dental care, housing, transportation, education and contraception. The Republicans will contend that this nation was founded on the basic principle of limited government, on a principle of self reliance, not government reliance. And when that principle of self reliance ceases to exist in our society, we become slaves of government.

The Democrats will insist that allowing the Catholics a longer time period to comply with the provisions of the Affordable Health Care Act, requiring birth control assistance, is reasonable. The Republicans will insist that the very fabric of this nation, the separation of church and state, forbids the Federal Government from interfering with the faith of the Catholic Church, or any church.

The Democrats will continue to insist that the policies of the administration have not worked due to the lack of cooperation of congress and the left over mess from President Bush. The Republicans will insist the policies failed on their own weight of more government involvement in our commerce, and many other aspects of our lives that sunk the ship of state.

The Democrats will point to the fact of 48 months of job growth as a good sign. The Republicans will point out that this job growth referred to by the Democrats does not keep up with the population growth of the nation, so even with job growth, the unemployed continues to rise. And fewer people now hold jobs than 4 years ago.

The Democrats will point to the fact that the American automobile industry is alive and well. The Republicans will point to the fact that in order for GM to be able to post a 2nd quarter profit, over 60% of GM sales were purchased by the federal government in federal fleet replacement, 1 year earlier than normal. And it was the first time in the history of federal procurement of automobiles, only one car maker got the total order. That automobile manufacture, GM.

The Democrats will insist that the Republicans hate women, old people, young people, babies and gays, and will destroy Medicare and Social Security. The Republicans will say, “There ya go again”.

Sophia, fresh back on Charolette NC, laughed all the way to the bank. Sophia says “The Cat House was the hit of Charolette Convention. They came, they saw what was offered, they bought into the offerings program of the Cat House.”

Sophia says she now understands the mindset of the Democrats at Charolette N.C. She says “Quickie is the key, they like quickies”. I’m not sure what she’s talking ‘bout, but I never know ‘bout Sophia. Quickies? It must have something to do with the running of the convention. It may be something to do with that 3 effort voice vote to put the word God back in their platform.

Sophia did say she got an autograph from Bill Clinton. Not your average kinda autograph, Bubba gave Sophia a cigar when he came to the Cat House.

Did ya know that September 1st is the start of fall? Yeah, I’m telling ya the truth. It’s Sep, Oct Nov for Autumn, Dec, Jan Feb for Winter, Mar Apr May for Spring and Jun Jul Aug for Summer. Just look at those dates. They fit so well. They just do. Actually we have two way of measuring the seasons the one most people are familiar with and the one used by those who gaze at stars.

As many of you know, I stargaze. I used to stargaze a lot. I’ve not stargazed very much after the loss of brother-in-law Ed. I’ve made it a point in the last few months to get back into stargazing. Ed would’ve wanted me to continue to look where no man has gazed before. And so I turn the telescope up into the darkness.

The computer controlled telescope is much like the GPS in your car. Put in the address, and let the computer do sky searching. The big difference is stargazing doesn’t have zip codes. Would for sure be easier if it did. But it does have references that are almost like zip codes. Every point in the sky has an address. It’s just a matter of learning how to read the address book in the sky. Kinda like a phone book, but a lot more completed set of numbers. But stargazing does kinda have an area code system. That helps, it’s kinda like making sure you’re not looking at China when all ya wanted to do was look at Alabama.

Don’t remember if I ever told ya ‘bout Google Sky. Now most people don’t know about Google Sky. It’s not nearly as popular as Google Earth, but it’s just as exciting. Especially if you’re a stargazer. There’s a button up at the top of the page, just click and go from Earth to Sky.

Google Sky contains photos from the Hubble Telescope. Needless to say, better view than my scope from the EastWing. One of the neat things ‘bout Google Sky is ya can stargaze and not have to go outside into the winter night. The bad thing ‘bout Google Sky is ya don’t get to go outside in the winter night.

Did ya know we still have troops on the ground in Iraq?. Yes, we still have a large presence in Iraq. Contrary to what makes the national news, we still have a large number of our troops in Iraq. It doesn’t make the news when they die in Iraq, ‘cause “we’ve left Iraq, and brought the troops home” then our soldiers die in silence in the Iraq desert sands. One such soldier died last week, and it didn’t even make the TV News. How’d I know? An email from the desert brought the sad news to the EastWing.

Where have all the flowers gone? Everything I hear from both Iraq and Afghanistan makes me want to cry or fight, I’m still trying to decide which. It just makes me damn mad. Who makes these decisions in our government? Men or mice?

Have ya ever looked at FaceBook? If not ya should. It’s one of the more honest expressions of “We the People” you’ll ever find. Love and Hate, side by side. Fact and Fiction. Peace and War. There has never been a more perfect union. Those that can, can, those that can’t, can’t, and are damn mad that they can’t. While those who can rub it into the faces of those who can’t, much the same as the Star Bellied Sneeches of Dr. Seuss. It’s what makes America, America. We the people, are still, we the people, and that, boys and girls is just a small sampling of what makes it all work.

I believe it was Albert Einstein who said “We are all geniuses, just about different things. If you measure the intellect of a fish by its ability to climb a ladder, it will forever be labeled an idiot. On the other hand, measured by its ability to swim, the fish is a genius. And so it is with FaceBook. Idiot or genius, it’s your call, you establish the unit of measure for FaceBook. Is FaceBook, a fish ladder for people? Maybe, maybe not.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

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I wish you well,