Diamonds Tadpoles & Butterflies, Blood Sugar & Bullet Holes, No Weather Today, Listen To The Corn

Greetings to all and welcome new friends to the East Wing.

Metamorphism, it’s the process that turns trees to muck, to coal, to diamonds. While metamorphosis turns tadpoles into frogs and worms into butterflies. Tis the season for the change of things. Blooms into apples and blossoms into blackberries. Garden flowers into vegetables and potato blooms into underground treasures. Hummingbird eggs into baby birds. Tis the season for that kinda stuff.

Almost forgot to tell ya, that part ‘bout the trees and the diamonds. Well I left out a couple steps, mainly ‘bout that time and pressure part. Lots and lots of both, really, really lots of both. But the diamonds are worth waiting for, if you’re just setting ‘round not doing anything anyhow.

All the joys of summer brings all the misery of summer. Misquotes, Gnats, Wasps and all the other bugs of summer that we’re so afraid of. Plus Sunburn! Oh my yes, sunburn. Why do we ever expose ourselves to radiation that starts to blister our skin? Don’t know, we just do.

We start to cook, from the outside in. It’s kinda like reverse microwave. It makes us tan on the outside first. We somehow think tan skin is kinda cool. The only thing ya can say for sure is that radiation cooking from the sun will shorten your lifespan, and that’s the name of that tune.

Been having some interesting bouts with controlling the diabetes. From time to time I’m having a rather large swing in the blood sugar readings for no apparent reason other than it just is.

For those who may not know ‘bout diabetes, the normal blood sugar reading is, depending, which doctor ya listen to, 70 – 100 mg/L or 80 – 120 mg/L. Now I’m kinda old school in the since that when I was in the medical laboratory business it was considered normal to be in the 80-120 mg/L range. And so to this day I’m comfortable with those numbers.

My problem is staying within those numbers. A little above, I don’t get too excited. A little below, and I not only don’t get excited, and that’s the problem, I don’t even know where I’m at, and at the same time I just don’t seem to care ‘bout it one way or the other.

It’s the twilight zone of diabetes, where ya just go slip sliding away. It’s the part that kinda scares me, that slip sliding away part. ‘Cause at that point ya can’t help yourself. Ya can only get by with a little help from your friends. And when you’re there, Lord knows ya sure need some help from your friends.

Of the two directions of blood sugar, high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) and low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), the one which presents the most direct danger is the hypoglycemia, the low side. Give ya an example of what I mean. When I was first diagnosed as a diabetic last summer while in the hospital, my fasting blood sugar was 665 Mg/L, now remember 80-120 Mg/L is normal. At 665 Mg/L I didn’t feel too bad, just a little thirsty from time to time. A few days ago my blood sugar was 52 Mg/L and I didn’t even know my name.

Had it not been for the She, I could well have died from hypoglycemia and no one would’ve ever known it was hypoglycemia. Just another reason ‘bout me and the She being a team. We go back a ways, me and the She. I got by with a little help from my friend. The She made me eat frozen undiluted orange juice. YUK! The She brought me back into reality with that frozen orange juice stuff.

Having once been in the line of work where we determined why people died, I can say for a fact, we didn’t look for hypoglycemia as a cause too very often. With a known history of diabetes, we kept it in mind, but even then it was low on the list of things to rule out.

When causes other than the normal end stages of living were suspected, we looked for the holes, and when found we found ‘em just followed the trail. When no holes were there, we looked for the entry points of sharp objects. Many times we went home early when those two were addressed.

Ya just followed the hole till ya got to the important stuff inside ya, like your heart or lungs or inside your head and stuff like that. Now when that trail you’re following went thru one of those really important parts inside ya, well, BINGO! We could call it a day, or call it a night, or whatever time of day or night we happened to be working on that case. But hypoglycemia just never crossed your mind when ya found bullet holes or knife marks, just followed the trails and went home.

Just like most every line of work, sometimes ya had to work overtime doing that kinda stuff. Sometimes ya even had to work weekends and holidays too. Seems my jobs have always been like every bodies jobs, the grass is always greener over there. Mine were not always green.

In an email the other day a feller asked why I don’t talk ‘bout weather lore any more. I’ve no excuse ‘cept guess it just never happened to cross my mind while when I happen to rambling along here in the EastWing. But that email did remind me of something and I made it a point to share with ya. In fact I even wrote myself a little note to be sure and not forget.

Do ya ever do that? Forget ‘bout stuff. I hate when that happens. The She says I’m getting worse at forgetting stuff. Told her I can’t remember ever being any better.

Now here’s what that note reminded me to tell ya ‘bout . It’s ‘bout the weather of course. I’m sure everybody knows ‘bout La Niña and El Niño. ‘Bout how they are supposed to influence weather or a global basis. ‘Bout the La Niña being that cold spot, that problem child cold spot out there in the Pacific Ocean. And the El Niño being the occasional warm spot in the Tropical section of the Pacific.

Now that we all know ‘bout La Niña and El Niño, I’m sure hoping that you’re setting down for this one, a new mystery seems to be in the making out there in that wide Pacific Ocean. La Nada Weather. Nothing weather. No Weather!

Oh that’s sweet….. No weather. Just like in the first chapter of Genesis. As you’ll recall, back then we had day and night, with little in between, then evening came and morning followed. The first day. I’m not gona bore ya with the rest of that Genesis weather forecast, but it’s pretty much the same every day. They didn’t have weather radar back then. Didn’t need it either.

La Nada Weather, oh well, guess that’s what we get for letting the Peruvian Fisherman name stuff out in the ocean. I wonder who died and left ‘em boss of naming ocean stuff? ‘Course if you’re way out there in the middle of the Pacific, who’s gona tell ya what ya can and what ya can’t name. Not me, I’m not going out there ‘cause I can’t swim.

Never had a need to learn how to swim. Figured if God wanted me to swim, I’d be made with gills and flippers. I’m not and so I don’t. Even thought I don’t know how to swim, I’ve got a large swimming pool, 16 X 36, My pool doesn’t have a deep end, it’s 4’ all over. The life safety instructions for my pool are simple and easy to remember even in an emergency. “IF YA START TO DROWN—STAND UP” Works every time, at least in my pool.

Did ya ever go out and listen to the corn grow? It’s true, ya can actually hear the corn growing. The night that is the best to hear such a thing, the night of July 4th. So if ya can, walk out tomorrow night, after your fireworks, walk into a corn field, ya don’t have to go far into the corn. Just stand still and do two things. One take a deep breath and breath the cleanest air you’ve ever inhaled in your life. After the deep breath, just stand in silence and hear one of the sounds of God at work.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

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I Wish you well,