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Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the East Wing.

At the EastWing we’re forever getting comments, questions, derogatory remarks, and complements along with a few flat out rip ya a new one type statements, and all the while accompanied with that praise and glory for the existence of the East Wing and the words flowing forth. Just so nobody thinks I’m not hearing what ya say, or worse yet, don’t have the courage to respond from the EastWing. Did ya really think that part ‘bout courage? Give me a break!

So today it’s time to respond to the most curious of the curious e-mail. The e-mails that even Sophia The Republican Cat said after she read ‘em “What the H—!” I’ll try to put these thoughts on the e-mail in reverse order of receipt, but I may not get ‘em all correct as it’s just from memory and some of the more bazaar tend to stick in your mind more than others. So here goes.

You don’t have to tell me that flowers and butterflies are different species of life forms. I already know that one is plant and one is animal. And yes I know ‘bout different types of life forms on this planet. So sorry ya missed the beautiful parody of flowers being butterflies. I really don’t care if ya have a degree in Botany. Yes I also have educational degrees and much like your degree in Botany, that along with 10 bucks will get us two cups of coffee at Starbucks.

You sound to me like your life is pretty much vanilla . I think ya need a girlfriend. Girlfriends make ya smile. Girlfriends make ya think ‘bout stuff other than things like “life forms on the planet”. Shew…. Girlfriends make ya think more ‘bout boy and girl stuff. Try it, you’ll like it. I did, and I do. Thank God for the She.

Studying Botany means ya learn really big words for stuff like wild grapes, dandelions, skunk cabbage and sour grass. Having a PhD in Botany and working in your field is much the same as a PhD in anthropology. In order to get a job in your chosen field of study, ya gotta wait till somebody dies. Talk ‘bout a saturated job market. And that’s part of the reason I so treasure my PhD in Blackberry Pickin’ That Hospital Administration stuff went away, but the Blackberry Pickin’ stuck for life.

As a matter of fact, I just went today to check on the blackberry crop and sad to say, this year the pickin is slim to none. DAMN! Oh well, just like the Cub Fans “Wait till next year”.

Spike The Man Cat’s not for sale. Not for sale at any price. What have I ever said from the EastWing that would give anybody the impression I’d sell The Man Cat? I have not said a single word Spike is on the market. And as such I gotta tell ya “FORGET ABOUT!”.

Yes Bentley is 18.889 times bigger than Sophia The Republican Cat. Bentley’s big, Sophia’s little. She doesn’t have to be a big cat to carry a big stick. Ya gotta keep in mind Sophia walked with swagger in the land of Lee Roy Brown. There are some things in life where size matters and some things in life where size doesn’t count. Being a Republican Cat is one of those things that doesn’t count, and so she walks, oh how that cat walks. Sophia smiles as she walks and carries that big stick. Damn Republican Cat.

No , I’m not gona get a tattoo even if you’ll do it for free. I don’t know or care if you’re Miami Ink or not, or even Toto Ink for that matter. I’m telling ya, there’ll be no tattooing on BobbyRay. I don’t like needles stuck in my body and I don’t like spiders and snakes either. So it don’t matter how sweet the offer is the answer is still NO! Nothing can be said on done that would change my mind ‘bout getting a tattoo. Another way to put it is, When the She wants us to get a tattoo, I’m with the She. The She don’t do tattoos.

Tiptop is real. I didn’t make up a place called “Tiptop” just to tell a story. If ya please, Google “Tiptop KY” and see what ya get. Ya get Tiptop KY. A real place at a real time of my life. I walked the mountains and waded the creek at Tiptop. I went to school up there on the side of the mountain, and sup-contracted out the building of fires in the stoves at the Tiptop Elementary School.

I was elected the next years president of the student body. My campaign slogan being “vote for me and I’ll give ya a bottle of pop and a candy bar”. I got elected, then moved to Indiana before school started in the fall. Much like many politicians of the day, local, state, and federal, I ran away from my promises. The differences from me and them, I got out of politics, so I guilt lying to the electorate to stay in office. Remember going to fixing time issue here in Starke? A major part of a campaign. Same time, no change, let’s talk ‘bout something else while we’re in Illinois.

Yes I think it’s worthwhile to go to Bear Country USA. Yes I would recommend it as a family vacation spot. Lots of things to see in South Dakota. Not only Bear Country USA, but Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Monument. They’re all close together up there in South Dakota. A trip worthwhile. A fun part of the country to visit. And I didn’t even tell ya ‘bout Wall’s Drug Store at Wall, South Dakota. But you’ll find out ‘bout that when ya go.

I just gotta ask ya, which do ya thinks’ more important in life, self esteem or the ability to read? Without the ability to read…… Shew…. Think ‘bout it for a while. Try to imagine life without the ability to read. Self esteem tends to go by the wayside when ya can’t read. When ya can’t read ya don’t even know what the hell self esteem is. Dumbing down of society is when we produce high school graduates who can’t read. We do so, right here in Indiana. Then we blame it on preserving self esteem. Shame on us right here in Starke County Indiana. Self esteem aint worth nothing, but it’s free, even if ya can’t read, we gave it to ya.

Montessori schools are not in the main stream of public education. I don’t care what ya say, they’re just not. It don’t matter who ya point to as an example. Ya gotta keep in mind that even a blind hog finds a few acorns.

The Montessori School approach to education is not the main stream of our society. And yes the Montessori system does strive to build self esteem by rewarding the accomplishment of goals. Those goals may be as low as not peeing in your pants for two hours. Bet ya don’t wanta put that award in your high school graduation party trophies on display, do ya?

No, I’m not saying I disapprove of the Montessori approach to education. I’m just saying it’s not the mainstream thought which we educate the masses in our society. If it was, then those charged with the task of public education would embrace the concept. The Montessori concept has not been embraced by those charged with the responsibility of educating the masses. It’s a fringe element approach to education at best.

Yes, I’m telling ya, some of the Montessori Schools I’ve had contact with, they do give awards for some most basic stuff, like staying within the lines when ya color. Think ‘bout it, are ya really proud of that fact as an adult, even if ya got the award when ya first started in the Montessori School. What would ya rather have the staying within the lines award or the winner of the 6th grad spelling bee?

I could never stay within the lines, many hillbillies can’t, didn’t win the spelling bee either. Seems I spell much like I color, not within the lines. I’s once asked why I make up words when I type, my response was, could understand my made up words, the answer was always yes. Then I said, “there ya go”. When a series of letters strung together have meaning to the reader, it’s understandability. Then when ya have understandability, ya got stories from the EastWing. And ya understand what I’m talkin’ ‘bout.

Some of those parents who make the decision to send their children to Montessori School Systems may tend to be the ones in our society who have a little more financial resources than the average, and as such may tend to think themselves as being somewhat more important than the ones they meet on the street. It’s such a misguided view of life. But for the grace of God, there goes I. I think it’s kinda a snob factor thing for some people. Now if ya choose to educate your child in a religious based educational system, that’s a complete different matter. I’m a firm supporter of religious based education even though I did not educate my babies that way. The option was not available to do so. Had it been, me and the She would have crossed that bridge when we got to it. The bridge was not there as we walked the educational process for our babies.

And so some people send their babies to Montessori School Systems and the babies get rewards when they don’t pee their pants in the first grade. Wow! I don’t care what ya say, money can buy anything, even awards for your babies not peeing their pants. I don’t think my babies peed their pants in the first grade anyways. But I didn’t give ‘em a bottle pop and a candy bar.

At the college level there’s no difference in performance, Montessori, or public education. College is the big equalizer of the education system. Ya do or ya don’t at the college level. The rewards are singular at the college level, ya pass or fail. And if ya pee your paints nobody cares.

Yeah, me and the She were / are still really high school sweethearts, and I wasn’t joking ‘bout wanting to go tell it on the mountain. The She was the older woman in the relationship. She was sixteen and I was fifteen, but I loved her so. We were too young to fall in love, but we were too young to know. And so we did, and it stuck. It stuck like glue for me and the She.

The love of my life is the She. To this very day, I still love her so. In my eyes, the most beautiful girl in the world is Regina. It’s so much fun loving your high school sweetheart your whole life. It just is, and I’m glad I can / did / do / have / whatever. Me and the She, just high school sweethearts where things worked out.

Love does get ya thru a lot. It did, for me and the She.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From the EastWing, E-mails, Botany Boys & Girlfriends, Tattoos, Google Tiptop, Montessori Schools, High school Sweethearts.

I wish you well.