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Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.


It’s with the permission of the author that I post the following thoughts from a friend of mine, Collin Van Waardenburg, on Catholic Democrats and sin. I’ve know Collin most all his life, he’s not yet old enough to drive. Collin will  turn 16 comeAugust 28, 2016.


You know, now you see so many Catholics with power in the Democratic party, and they all seem to throw around the fact that they’re Catholic like it’s a badge of honor. Well, those named folks, namely Tim Kaine, are a lot like today’s modern coins, they look valuable, but it’s really just cladded to look important. When you claim to be a Catholic but do not follow the basic laws of the church, you need to wake up and realize you’re lying to God, and more so to yourself. I think it’s oh so very fitting that a man named Kaine would also betray the rules of the faith for the sake of politics and his “ideals.”

 So, for those people who throw around the fact that they are Catholic, but do not encompass Catholic ideals, I ask you to Google the basic rules of the Church. Same-sex marriage is a sin, abortion is a sin, women may not be ordained. This is all basic Catholic stuff that any true Catholic should know. People often think the commandment “Thou shall not take the Lord’s name in vain” means that it’s wrong to say the Lord’s name with spite, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The original Hebrew words go to the tune of “Thou shall not CARRY the Lord’s name in vain.”, by that logic, it’s wrong to do evil in the name of God, and is one of the greatest of sins. We seem to have a lot of self proclaimed Catholics in the Democratic party who throw around their Catholicism as being this badge that I mentioned earlier. Yet they commit such wickedness all while claiming to praise God in His Church which says supporting such actions is a sinful deed.

I encourage Mr. Kaine to dust off the old family Bible, if he truly owns one. I’ll admit that Trump is not the greatest Christian, but he’s sure doing better than Hillary and Kaine. I recognize no one is perfect, and Christ was sent for the sinners. But the Divine Physician only works on patients who recognize they need said Physician. Mr. Kaine doesn’t appear to realize how sick he is. I, just moments ago, read that Mr. Kaine is “personally against abortion”, but still “strongly supports Roe v. Wade”. A Catholic who reads their Bible knows that consent of a sin itself is a sin.


So now you know why I consider Collin Van Waardenburg one of my true best friends in this world. Age has nothing to do with true friendship. And besides, we both like GODZILLA MOVIES.


Over the years, from time to time, I’ve been highly critical of our education system dumbing down society. Collin Van Waardenburg is an example of how the education process of our youth is suppose to work. At his current age, he possesses more knowledge than the vast majority of his generation will obtain in a lifetime.   it’s such a pleasure and a joy to have a friend like Collin. He gives me hope for the future of America.


From The EastWing, From Collin’s Point of View, Catholic Democrats


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